Thursday, January 12, 2017

How to apply for UK visa from Dubai

I am trying to collect my thoughts right now about this blog post. I am anxiously waiting for our passport to arrive from Aramex. We receive an SMS last Thursday, saying "dispatched to Aramex on 1/12/2017 (mm/dd/yy) for 4 times with different GWF no. (whatever that is).

I really have no idea if our applications were approved. But I don't want to spill the beans until I know the result. It was actually quite fast, we were advised by VSF that it would take about 15 days, we went to submit our requirements and had our biometrics only last 08 January, so it only took about 5 days?

This would be the first we would be travelling to a country that would require us a visa (do I need to mention about Kish Island?) We have applied for 4 travelers, me, my husband and 2 kids, our 7 year old daughter and 1 year old son

I had a hard time filling in the details on the application form especially on the part where they need to provide the breakdown of our expenses. I have no idea how to go about all these. But I want to Do-It-Yourself our vacation so might as well take the risk than paying a travel agency, who I believe will just guide you on what to do but you will still be the one doing it all anyway. I'd rather use the fee for pocket money instead. And so, I have filled as much details as possible on the UK visa application form. I have contacted few friends for comments and suggestions. I would like to provide in my entry in depth information on the application form as this took me few weeks to finally settle with the information I provided. I searched on the internet but was not able to find helpful tips. I know its self explanatory but a guide would have been helpful.

First of, I went to VFS Global website – Dubai Processing Centre to check on how to go about visa application. When you scroll down on the Home page, you will see from your left side, language selection, visiting country and applying from. Visiting country will be the place that you want to visit and applying from is the country where you are applying your visa. I know its quite self-explanatory but that too, made me a little confused. Visiting country may imply your nationality? But Anyway, I decided to settle with the place that I want to visit and make it simpler for me. The website will then direct you to the difference maps and flags and will request you to click the region and country you wish to apply from.

Step 1: Know your visa type.

Step 2: How to apply and apply your visa here - AccessUK

You may apply for a tourist or short stay visa using the Access UK Service. But I opt to apply for all other visas and use create an account to apply for the first time. You can then come back to it when you sign in if you already have an account

Step 3: After submission

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