Friday, March 2, 2007

Hatta, Oman Trek

One of the things Far-ouT and yours truly have in common is being nature lovers. Although Far-ouT was the one who introduce me to this kind of nature tripping, I realized that this is what I was really looking for to do in my life. One of the highlights of my life includes mountain climbing. I get to feature one of them here. I wasn't able to post more of them but as I get along, i will definitely find time to share them all with you. Who knows, you may find yourself loving it as well.

What I love in the Philippines are the mountains that we have. The flora and fauna in the Philippines are one of the best in the World. Truly beautiful, exotic, gaudy and even bizarre. This activity is one of the many things I missed the most but that doesn't stop you for adventure tripping even if you are Dubai Living right? Far-ouT, yours truly and a friend decided on one fun day to explore the wonders of nature once again by trekking Hatta, Oman.

We all started from the bus station going to Hatta.

Upon reaching the road to Hatta, we don't ride, we walk.

Its gonna be a long day for us. Downside of this trip is the heat of the sun and the dust of the road made the trip a little harder though.

Instead of whining from the long and winding road, enjoy every bit of it. You may even meet a friend along the way.

But we're only human so we had some time off resting.

After some rest and food, we again proceeded to our destination, although we actually have no idea what we'll find at the end of this journey. During our walk, few people on their vehicle offered their car for us. Its nice to see such friendly gestures from stranger especially for foreigners. I am so enjoying this trip.

Without so much of the trees, you can still appreciate other beauty that nature has to bring

After the never ending walk, 3 of us has finally reach the peak. Not on top of the mountain but the end of our final destination.

Its all worth it.

Water! Water! Water! Yes that's me, behind the water!

Enjoying the cold, clean water of Hatta

See the rocks? Its as if its crying.

Always be in touch with nature. You never know what you gonna get.

All the best,