Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Sugar Daddy

When I was still preparing for Bella's second birthday party at McDonald's , I also chance upon Sugar Daddy's bakery, but wasn't able to check them out then and chosen Sugarbox instead. I have no regrets with my cake supplier as they were able to deliver up to my expectations and quite happy with their cake.

When we dine in at Jumeirah, I had the chance to visit their store and try few of their mini cupcakes.

The place was really impressive. From the chosen furnitures, colors and overall design, you would really be entice to buy their products.

They have a lot of cupcakes (Dhs 12), mini cupcakes (Dhs 5.00), Designer cupcakes (Dhs 15-18) and giant cupcakes (Dhs 175 -225) to choose from.

With very interesting flavor names like Fake Blonde (Vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting), The Brunette (Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting), Gold Digger (Vanilla cupcake with peanut butter and jelly frosting), Pink Cadillac (Vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting), Nuts about you (Vanilla cupcake with caramel frosting garnished with chopped pecans), Scent of a lemon (Vanilla cupcake with lemon frosting), Beach Babe (Vanilla cupcake with pineapple frosting topped with toasted coconut flakes, Chocoholics Anonymous (Chocolate cupcake with rich chocolate frosting), Naughty by Nature (Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla frosting), Cookies N'Scream (Chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting), Kitty Kat (Chocolate cupcake with kit kat frosting), Cafe au Play (Chocolate cupcake with coffee frosting), Tanned and Toned (chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting), After Eight (Chocolate cupcake with mint frosting), Too Sneaky (Chocolate cupcake with chocolate peanut butter frosting garnished with snickers), Never Kiss N'Tella (Chocolate cupcake with nutella frosting), Jamaican Me Happy (Chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting topped with coconut flakes, Red Velvet (No need for introductions), Cherry on Top  (Cherry chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting), 24 Carrot (Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting), No See...No Tella (Banana cupcake with nutella frosting),

They also offer 9in cakes (Dhs 20/slice or Dhs 200/whole). They have Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake (Sweetness redefined when it comes to this sundt cake drizzled with caramel sauce and dusted in confectioner's sugar), Classic Vanilla Cake (A classic light and fluffy vanilla cake iced with vanilla frosting and sprinkled with confetti),  Chocolate Fudge Cake (a chocolate lover's dream come true covered in an indulgent chocolate frosting), Red Velvet Cake (A surprisingly red colored chocolate flavored cake with a unique velvety texture - hence the name - iced in creamy vanilla frosting), Banana Supreme cake (A delicious two layered cake moistened with mashed ripe bananas and iced with nutella frosting), Pineapple Carrot Dream Cake (A heavenly carrot cake made with freshly grated carrots, crushed pineapple, and chopped nuts mixed into the batter and iced in a delicious cream cheese frosting), Very Berry Strawberry Cake (a classic cake iced with smooth and fluffy strawberry icing)

Cheesecakes (Dhs 240/whole), mini cheesecakes (Dhs 25) with flavors of Strawberry / Blueberry / Cherry. Pies (Dhs 175/whole) and mini pies (Dhs 20/22) with flavors of Whoopie Pie, Red Velvet/Chocolate, Pecan Pie, Banoffee Pie, Oreo Cream Pie, Apple Pie with Crumb Topping.

And these lollies as well are very cute.

Their packaging is nicer than Sugar box.

I must say, I like the taste of their cupcakes compared to Sugarbox too. I heard that they'll be changing their name. We'll soon find out!

Uppps, apologies for the photos of the ruined cupcakes due to travelling. Taste it, you'll love it!

All the best,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Your best cup of Joe

As what the saying goes, Star makes me a poet. Moon makes me a singer. Coffee makes me a dreamer.

How do you defined a coffee lover? Does drinking coffee several times a day makes you a coffee addict? I only drink coffee every morning and have two all time favorite coffee drink, brewed coffee with milk and Starbucks mocha Frappuccino. Does that make me a coffee fanatic?

Way back in the Philippines, my former boss, also my all time favorite boss and my ninang on my wedding from Sari-Sari Group of Companies is also a coffee lover. BIG TIME! She is a black coffee drinker with no sugar and milk.  I remember her everyday liquid intake is always coffee. When we left the company we still hang out together and update each other over a cup of coffee from Starbucks, always in Cubao branch. Still miss her and every chance I have to meet her, she will always find time to meet me. Always, always a nice conversation.

She told me on one of our conversations that she also love drinking brewed coffee from Dunkin Donuts because they always use fresh grind coffee bean.

Here in Dubai, below our flat is Dunkin Donuts and I used buy coffee there every weekend until I realized that I am spending too much money on it and it would be much better if I buy my own coffee maker. This is my first coffee beans courtesy of Far-ouT. Imagine that I have coffee beans already but no coffee maker yet. I was obliged to buy one.

And so I did. Definitely another dirhams to save. Now I only buy coffee beans from them and have them grind.

Recently though, we chance upon different coffee beans from Carrefour and tried several already.

This is Brazilian Santos -Arabic roast (Dhs 45/kilo). Brazil Santos is usually used as a grading term for Brazilian coffee rather than a variety of Arabica. The name refers to the port in Brazil where coffee passed through, and was regarded as higher quality than "Brazilian coffee". Brazilian Santos is usually of the Bourbon variety - (wikipedia)

I didn't like it that much, there is some herb after taste (I am not sure if it is cardamom) but definitely not my type of coffee. But we bought like half a kilo and instead of disposing it, I still drank it every day until it was finished. Would you believe that I kindda love its taste eventually? But not buying the same again.

I have leveled up to Dhs 55 per kilo. This is Roasted Medium Mexico. They have a balanced acidity, medium body, and full flavor that offers a sweet finish. They truly have everything to offer in a delicious Mexican coffee. Im so excited with my current coffee, I am so loving it. Just the taste I wanted. I like my coffee strong and bitter even with milk already in it.

Ahh, I didn't realized, I bought the same coffee beans, its still my current love anyway.

Roasted Medium Vietnam

Brazil Coffee

They will grind it for you as well.

Trivia: My mom watched an episode of "I forgot the name of the TV show" were they featured Aga Muhlach and all the different kinds of coffee beans that he has. Now I wanted to taste all the coffee beans of the world.

What you have been looking for in the best cup of Joe? I will be posting another one once my current love, love, love is finished.

All the best,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My tiny little notebook

I just realized today that it's actually nice to have some time off from work because I am missing it. Not much but still missing it, just a little. A very, very, little miss. Tiny, minute, detail of miss in every sense of the word. Not the miss part but the little. I have no idea if I am making any sense now. Anyway, when you are not working, your mind wanders a lot. Mine does. All the time actually. But I also have this "what was I thinking just a while ago?" and "I was planning to do something but I forgot already" Oh yeah. I was blaming the anesthesia when I gave birth to Bella. Yes, I was on twilight sleep. I actually did not discuss with my doctor on how I will gave birth. I surely don't want the pain of Lamaze. Despite my mom's encouragement, I would still prefer the painless way. No offense to those who want to give natural childbirth. I know myself well enough that I might not want to get pregnant again If I experience something painful. I have a high tolerance for it but I still don't want it, if I could help it, and yes,  even if I will be restrained and strapped to gurneys and my legs will be clamped in stirrups for hours. Period. End of story.

Going forward, several days ago, I bought myself a tiny notebook. Just to take note of the things I wanted to buy or do in the next few days to come. I also am writing down some of my thoughts on future plans. Its working as I browse through it just in case, I run into things that I needed to buy.

Last Wednesday, 28 September, after i bought my tiny, little notebook, I started listing the things I plan to buy for the month of October and some things that I wanted to do in the near future and its actually working. I think that it is also saving me time and money. Time, because, I do not need to roam around the mall thinking what am I suppose to buy, I dont need to think a lot trying to remember the things that I needed to do and Money, as I will not spend on things I don't really need.

Things to buy in the month of October

Slippers - Just bought today, I was planning to buy these several weeks ago but kept on forgetting and now with the help of my tiny little book, I succeed.

White dress for Bella - We went to Al Ghusais last Monday for Mom's appointment on her Emirates ID, then went to Festival Mall for our breakfast in IKEA, good thing, I also planned on buying Bella's white dress in Gingersnap, Bella has her Ninang's birthday party this weekend with white theme. Save us time and energy. I am so loving my tiny little book

Swimsuit for Bella - Also included in our list for today. We plan our beach again over the weekend
and I do not want Bella wearing her shirt and underwear again.

Brilliant Baby DVDs - Included in our list last Monday. Far-ouT bought several DVDs from Hyperpanda.

Jar at IKEA - Yes, a jar. Since I couldn't find a nice piggy bank in Dubai. I just thought of using a nice jar for Bella's savings. I just thought about it several days ago and good thing I wrote it and so did not forget! I love her Jar.

Office attire - Far-ouT and yours truly have decided to buy ourselves, one item a month including Mame and Bella. So this is what I bought for the month of October. Yes, we are not big spenders and we are still recuperating from a big amount of money that we had to let go for something important.

Sim card for Mame - My mom was here since May and we just kept on forgetting to buy her a sim card. And because of the incident happened were Bella accidentally locked herself inside the bathroom, I am not taking any more chances. Good thing, we were on vacation and we were at the flat when this happened.

My future personal plans:

Saving for LASIK eye surgery cost for 2013. I dont want the contact lenses not glasses anymore.

Start saving for life insurance policy on January 2012.

Start my own bank account savings on January 2012.

Family life immediate goal:

Celebrate our 18th of every month.

Potty training for Bella

Allot 30 minutes every night to teach Bella the alphabet, number and colors

On work related issue, I only have until Saturday and vacation is finished. SO SAD! Hopefully, I believe and I am sure, I will be staying late nights again in our office to catch up on things, I want to be more strict with my timings, maybe staying only up to 7:00 PM for 1 week then once everything is settled and back to normal, I will only stay until 6:00 PM, latest will be at 6:30. My goal is to go home on time actually, 5:30 PM, who am I kidding? Not for now, but I know I will get there someday.

All the best,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Thoughts: A-Time Out from Work

Got a new signature. Something more like my handwriting, but still not quite. I am more of "all caps" handwriter. Anyway, below will do. I have been blogging about foods and my new topic Moving and relocation this past few days. Never really had time for my thoughts. Its hard to find time to put my thoughts into words as eventhough I am on local vacation leave for 2 weeks, I am busy with my tasks. I am actually on my project: Bella potty training.
Every morning for 7 days now, I ask Bella to come with me in the toilet and let her sit in the toilet bowl. She actually will sit for about 1 minute and then she'll tell me "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay). She is diaper free for the whole day and I asks her several time should she wants to pee and she will repeat the same words to me, "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay).

When I sense that there's an urge for her to pee, I will immediately carry her to the toilet and let her sit on the toilet bowl. But again after sometime she will tell me "la pa, la pa, Nanay" (Wala pa, Wala pa, Nanay). She is holding it until she couldn't control it anymore and end up peeing on the floor.

Do you think is not ready yet? Should I just give up and just try it again some other time?

On a different note, I am also happy that she's learning a lot of words already. There are even words that surprised us. A former colleague of mine also suggested us to buy Bella Brilliant Baby DVDs which we did, adding Brainy Baby as well. She's not entirely into it yet as she will only watch it for several minutes and headed to her next antics but its a help indeed. Bella is also loving Barbie movies which she prefers over her new DVDs.

Also, Bella made her first visit to the dentist. We were not very successful with this. As she refused to sit on the dentist's chair. My bad! I was actually teaching her how to open her mouth, I forgot to tell her to sit first on the chair. Good thing the dentist was encouraging us to take it easy and just introduce the place. We will have another visit to the doctor and will tell you more about it.

Those were my activities in the past fews days. I still have a few more to spend with my sassy Bella. I have a few plan of my own in the near future like making my savings a full blast and getting my own savings account. That only means one think, postponing my travel plans and spendings.

All the best.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

South Africa's Spur Steak Ranches

We have tried lots of steak from different restaurant already, there's Steak House at Royal Ascott HotelTony Roma's, among others, the best so far was the wagyu beef from Tribe. To add another list from places I have been to, I will tell you about our latest food trip. South Africa's Spur Steak Ranches.

Did you know about the legend of the giant burger? No? So Am I. So, let's hear it

"On the 13th day of October 1985, I was like five year old, the young chief from the land of the flat mountain gathered together his tribe, more that three hundred men and women, and they built a fire that could be seen in villages far away.

Eighteen tons of woods burnt for sixteen hours until the coals were just perfect to grill the biggest hamburger the worls has ever seen

This giant burger, containing 2277.66 kgs of the juicest beef, sizzled on the great fire, and everyone ate and danced into the night. News of the giant hamburger reached the writers of a great book called the Guinness Book of Records, who recorded this historic event for posperity.

The people brought many gifts to the young Chief, who the  gave these gifts to those in need so that they too could share the joy that was in his heart."

Very nice story. So I was thinking that Spur was the name of the young chief, don't you think? Everything about the place was very Native American.

Here goes the foodies, I wasn't very impressed with their Iced Tea (Dhs 8). One of the many mistake of restaurants and fast foods is the right blend of the drink.

The side rice (Dhs 10) was fine but a little bland.

I enjoyed the Caesar Salad (Dhs 32). Just the norm lettuce, tomatoes with cruttons and cheese.

These are the 1/2 Ribs (Dhs 86), a litlle expensive for 3 pieces but definitely, tender and tasty. The mashed potatoes was bland and hard.

We also ordered Bella her fries and chicken fingers (Dhs 16)

And the last and definitely the least, their Buffalo Wings (Dhs 38) which wasn't buffalo at all. Size were the normal chicken wings.

I wasn't very impressed with the food, except for the Ribs, nothing more special.

Thanks Chief, the story was an inspiration

All the best,