Sunday, October 31, 2010

Residence Visa Stamped

Far-ouT and yours truly went to Immigration right after his work to finally arrange the residence visa stamping to my passport. It was fast as long as you will pay the corresponding amount of AED 510 for rush inclusive of typing and the stamping itself.

Good thing, Immigration is open until 8:00 PM so more will be able to process the visas after work. Its convenience especially for ladies as you will be treated as priority.

Requirements are:

Medical Result - This should be done prior to the day of your visa stamping as rush result usually takes 2 working days. Also, note that your medical are done only on Government Hospitals. Private are no longer allowed to accept this requirement. Before going to the hospital, have a typing done at a nearby place. Cost AED 400 inclusive of the typing and the medical request. Bring 2 latest passport size photo. Allot yourself 1-2 hours as they will take blood sample and x-ray, but be early. Once the process is done, you will ask to come back after 2 days (depending on how you want it done - the more expensive the faster it will be release)

Passport - Of course

Original Visa - Of course

Copy of your Husband's Contract - the one indicating the salary

Copy of your Husband's Passport and Visa page

Husband - As he needs to sign on the Visa Stamping application

My passport was stamped with the residence visa in no time. Took as only 30-45 minutes to finish everything.

Yey. Another work is done. Next would be Bella and my mom.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tricks or Treat 2010

Its been such a riot week again. I hope everything with settle soon. My mind just keeps on working all the time the reason why I been having sleepless night. Being in a new job is difficult where everything is new to you. It seems that all you do is a mistake and you just feel so...stupid? Yeah. That's it. You can't focus, your mind doesn't work the way it should be and your sense just seem to wonder. You can't think straight. Your common sense is not even working. And hearing unnecessary comment is making it worse. I just want to kick myself for all the troubles I've put myself into. I know this too shall pass...but please...Hurry! My only consolation are the people who understand. The ones who make you feel better despite the errors. Thank God there are still human beings.

Nevertheless, I also know what I am capable of. Though I am disheartened at the moment, I'll get the hang of it sooner and hopefully not later.

Anyway, I don't want to succumb into frustration, so I make sure to relieve the stress out of my system. My Far-ouT and yours truly went for a run this morning after a not so big breakfast at Mcdonald's, late morning actually as the sun was just on its peak and really hurt my skin but no worries, I just enjoyed the run by the beach. One of the perks in Dubai, as beaches are very near, and is even accessible when you have a car to drive. I've been aiming to condition my body for next year as I plan to join a 10K run by November 2011. I hope to be in shape by then. After the run, we hit the beach and just have fun with the waves.

On a different note, after inquiring on different events this coming holy week, my mom was finally able to register Bella for trick or treat in Glorietta 5 on Sunday, 31st October. She will be a forest princess.

Here's her photos for the event. I can't rave about her costume for this year's trick or treat, it looks like an ordinary dress to me, except for the head dress and wings. But my Bella still looks cute with her costume so I am still happy about the whole thing.

and the important thing is Bella enjoyed her trick and treating. I was told that she keeps on smiling and waving to everybody. Yey! I want it to be a tradition for her to join events like thee to socialize with other kids. Last year when I was still in the Philippines, we were in Fun Ranch were she won the youngest participant, she was just 4 months old then.

This was us during last year's trick or treat in Fun Ranch (more photos at facebook)

But it wasn't so fun at all. I didn't realized how hot it was at that location. Very inconvenient. Sad that I will not be with my Bella to celebrate it with her this time, but I hope she'll forgive me for my absence for almost a month now. I wish she'll still remember Nanay when we finally meet again.

I've been dreaming of Bella to be a walking strawberry for 2 years now but I always end up with a different costume. I was little late to have it done on time. By 2011, I will make it earlier, and by then, she'll be here so that would buy me sometime to prepare for it.

This will be Bella the next time.

Thank goodness I always end my blog with happy thoughts. Thank God I have my Far-ouT and my Bella to complete me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to make a tasty Adobo

I was having a hard time adjusting with my new work and I seem to confuse myself with everything. Its frustrates me, really but I am fighting the urge to just give up. That would be unfair. I know I can do it, I just needed a little more time, blame it on my difficulty understanding anything about numbers. All I can do right now is ignore the embarassment that my mistakes are making. Ignore some critisism that I am hearing and just deal with my job. I know sooner or later, I'll get the hang of it.

I don't want to think about it anymore. The more I get affected, the more I'll be frustrated, so enough of the heavy stuff. On a lighter side, I am happy with my recent dish, Adobo. Its easier to cook and is inexpensive as well. It is another menu that I remember cooking aside from Ginisang Ampalaya.

First, I cut all the ingredients, 1 big onion, 7 gloves of garlic, potatoes, chicken and pork.

I did not proceed immediately with cooking everything, as what Adobo way of cooking usually does. To make the potato, chicken and pork tastier, I separately boiled it first with Soy sauce and 2 tablespoon of water and a little sugar.

Once all are tender and absorb the taste, instead of sauteing the onion, I made the garlic a little crispy first then mix the onion with it.

See how garlicky my dish was? I was kindda aiming for that, really.

Sorry, I wasn't able to get a shot of the onion.

Anyway, I put the pork first, then chicken and the pototoes. Then I separate made the soy sauce, a little amount of vinegar, a little water and sugar. Remember not to stir it once you put the vinegar, it will show the strong smell of it. Mix it only when it boils.

The verdict? Simply, Perfect!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Removing the bitterness from the bitter gourd

Eversince I came back to Dubai, one thing I failed to consider is that I am going back to cooking again, a household chore that I am not  good at.  It is really something that I have no talent doing or maybe I just lack interest that I don't put too much effort in learning it.  But I have no choice but to cook our food to eat. Back in the Philippines, I don't cook in our house, my mom usually does the job. She is the one who can make something out of any ingredients and is damn good at it. I wish I had her talent but you can't have everything, can you? 

Anyway, first menu that I did during my first few week were the easiest. The once that I still remember doing 2 years ago.

Ginisang Ampalaya. I have done this a few times before, unfortunately, most of the time, I failed to do the right way to cook it. Its either too salty or too bitter!

This time I did it in another way and check how it will go.

First of, I prepared all the ingredients. I cut 5 tomatoes, 1 big onion, 5 cloves of garlic, bitter gourd, egg and pork.

To remove the bitterness of the bitter gourd, cut it thinly and placed it in a bowl of water with salt and let it stay for a while, do this while you cut the other ingredients.

Plut cooking oil and sautee the onion first.  

Once the onion is on its whitish form, you may now put the garlic. For those of you who do not know the trick yet, I once read that it is better to cook the onion before the garlic to avoid the latter from getting burned.

Next is the pork, leave it until tender.

While waiting for your ingredients to cook, mix the bitter gourd from the salty water


and clean with water to remove the remaining salt from it

After a few minutes, I put the tomatoes last to avoid it from overcooking and getting soggy

once all the ingredients were cooked, I get half of it, put the bitter gourd and placed it back on top to save some of its taste since I do not mixed it until the bitter gourd is cooked.

the egg came in last

and finally

The verdict? It was tasty, the bitter gourd was not bitter. However, I missed to put salt to taste. Hahaha. Nevertheless, it was still OK.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ging Lorenzo's Photo Blog

I always admire Ging's work. The reason why I included her on my blog roll to see her masterpiece on every events that she does her magic. Bella's birthday party was one of her subject and I was so happy to see her photos on her photo blog. Photos that really deserve a round of applause.

Hats off to you, Ging and looking forward to meet you again on our future parties. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tony Roma's

Almost running out of time to write my piece today. I didn't want this day to pass without posting my blog. As today is our 89th Monthsary. What makes it even more special is we got to celebrate it together again. After 1 year and 7 months of being apart, we now had a chance to celebrate our monthly "18," my favorite day of the month and after 7 years and 5 months, I still look forward to the very same day every month. Thanks to the love of my life who never forgets celebrate it with me.

And today, my Far-ouT and your truly decided to splurge a little on our monthsary and decided to dine at Tony Roma's.

I ordered Steak Combo Dinners. Its a special-cut 6 oz. New York paired with grilled shrimps and rice pitaf and fresh steamed vegetables (damage AED87).

I always ordered my steak well done and now I realized that I didn't want it that way. I want a more tender, juicy one so the next time I'll have the same course, it will be medium well as what Far-ouT suggested.

Far-ouT chose their Grilled Chicken Spinach Stack. It has two staded grilled chicken breasts covered with a rich blend of cheeses, artichokes hearts, creamy spinach and bread crumbs topping. Served with rice and mixed vegetables (damage AED 37)

When our food arrived, the server mistakenly placed the big servings of steak for my Far-ouT, which he corrected. Oh, no! its mine. Embarrasing as it is, I always get the big portion of the food and Far-ouT is the one looking after his weight. I really have a BIG appetite.

Far-ouT and yours truly got the same fresh lemonade served over ice with a lemon wedge and a hint of mint (damage AED 13/each)

and for our appetizer, we had Tony's Asian salad, fresh chopped asian greens tossed in their Pan Asian dressing with diced red peppers, cilantro, fried wonton noodles, sesame seeds and grilled hamour (damage 27)

What a night to end our day together.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bon Chon Chicken

Have you tried Bonchon chicken lately? Yours truly only first heard of it few days back. I tasted and like it. When my office colleagues ordered from a nearby branch in Karama area. I love the crunchie from the outside and the sweet taste from the inside. That was the first and I swear I will come back for more.

Not long enough, Far-ouT and I decided to dine here yesterday,

the place has a homey atmosphere, with mostly Filipinos dining in.

Bonchon's crispy fried chicken combines a juicy, lean, tasting crispy chicken with secret sauce. It also contains 0 trans fat and it isn't greasy like your average fried chicken.

Far-ouT and yours truly ordered Garlic Fried rice(AED 11), 3 pieces Bon chicken (AED 13) with potato salad as side dish.

Aside from the famous chicken, they also have other menu to choose from like burgers, tortilla, noodles, stuffed chilli, different flavor of rice and salad.

Once you ordered you will be given a number, not the usual number mind you, it is small gadget, which I believe is battery operated. When your food is ready, the gadget will vibrate on its own, a signal for you to go to the counter and collect your food.

Their post it is also a nice touch as well. They have available post it and different colored pens to write on to, then you can post your messages on the wall.

and it was time for us to have a space of our own.

For deliveries, you call them at 04-3977650 or 055-2662466 or visit their website for more details.

Until our next visit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dome Restaurant in Dubai

I was expecting the first sign of winter  to welcome me when I stepped out of the airport. However, I was surprised when the breeze blows hot air on my face when I arrive last Friday. The coming in and out from summer heat and the cold A/C from inside the flat is just making me sick.

With just 2 days' rest, I started working again. It wasn't hard to adjust with the work and environment, as yours truly and former colleagues were reunited again. The only hard part of it all is missing my Baby so much. We are not together at the moment and Lola was the one taking care of her back home. Sad that our best bonding moments were cut short as she is now officially weaned from breastfeeding at 1 year and 4 months old. Last Tuesday, 12th October was the last time I pump and dump. I am not feeling any more pain after, it was a good thing that I gradually weaned her, she got use to it and so is my breast. It was better than my initial plan of stopping "cold turkey" as suggested by mom. I save myself from feeling miserable and guilty for my daughter. My Bella is now into full time fresh UHT milk. My mom noted that she can finished 3 tetra pack of it in a day. We chose of buying the small ones instead of one liter boxes to avoid spoilage.  Far-out and yours truly is now preparing everything for her upon her arrival. It may not be anytime soon but I am just so excited to think that Bella will soon be reunited with her Nanay and Tatay.

After few days, a friend and yours truly updated each other and decided to dine at Dome just walking distance from our office. This was not actually the first dine out that I had since I came back in Dubai. My Far-ouT and I had a nice time munching on pizza, garlic bread, pasta and salad at Pizza Hut last Friday, the 9th October. It was nothing to rave about so I skipped the blog on it and proceed with my next piece.

The cozy restaurant offers different menu to suit your palate especially in a multi-cultural environment like Dubai.  Yours truly was delighted to see how big their servings were, just right to appease my hunger.

Their famous Grilled Garlic Chicken is a famous Dome dish consist of super tender chicken thigh, marinated in soya sauce, garlic and parsley, grilled and served with rice and sauteed vegetables. Damage to my pocket is AED 35.00. I also ordered cold Iced lemon tea for AED13.50. This drink has a delicate flavour that makes a refreshing alternative to regular tea, especially when it comes served in a tall glass with lots of ice cubes and sugar syrup.

Unlike my big servings, my friend skipped rice that evening and only ordered roast beef sandwich. She doesn't have an idea what is their specialty so she asked which one's deli.

This is their Roast beef with Dijon mustard, sun dried tomatoes, roast onions, topped with brie cheese, served on white bread (AED 19.00). I just think the presentation of it was too dull and lifeless (hahaha! sounds like shampoo commercial?)

But her lemon mint drink was saying out loud "drink me!", This has fresh lemon and mint frappe serve with sugar syrup (AED 15.50) as well.

We truly enjoyed the food, most especially the A-talk. I will invite Far-ouT to try this sumptous meal one of this days again.

For the record, after our meal, we decided to have a coffee at Starbucks also just around the block. I tried the strawberry something ( I forget). Anyway, from all the Starbucks stores around the globe, this is another one from my never-to-return list. No details. Its just about it.