Saturday, February 19, 2011

Uno Chicago Grill

My blog is not particular about food. But from the past few entries that I had, I always end up writing about it. I'm hoping to have another topic to write about soon so watch out for it.

Judging from the name itself. I'm guessing that we had an American cuisine this time, although I cannot really tell what American foods are? Hamburgers? Fries? Mcdonald's? Well, I don't really know. All I know is that Italian is known for pizza and pasta. Japanese foods are sushi and tempura. Chinese would be chopsticks? Haha! Anyway, I have no idea why it is called by its name and I don't think the food is anything American, maybe you'll be the judge to that as you went on reading...

First of, for appetizer, Far-ouT and yours truly chose their Mandarin Chicken Salad (Dhs 34).

Its a combination of sliced grilled chicken on greens with carrots, red peppers and mandarin orange topped with crispy noodles, and tossed in a light mandarin dressing. They have a big serving of the salad and its already good for 2-3 persons.

For the main course, it is Salmon, shrimp and haddock combination (Dhs 77).

We just ordered one of these because of the big serving. Its a combination of tangy lemon-basil-grilled Norwegian Salmon, based Icelandic haddock , and a skewer of grilled marinated shrimp, Served with rice pilaf and steamed vegetable.

I love shrimp so most of it went to me, half of the salmon and just a few bite of the haddock. Far-ouT is a fish lover so he enjoyed the remaining choices, though, the haddock was bland to the taste but the bread crumbs added an exciting bite to it.

We also ordered an extra rice pitaf (Dhs 10) and skinless baked (Dhs 10). Talking about carbs here and there.

I must say, I like their skinless baked. Mashed potatoes baked with cheddar and bacon, topped with sour cream.

Oh please, do not order their bottomless iced tea. I can't even taste the tea. I thought I was drinking water with sugar which I even requested for additional syrup because its just plain tasteless. Lipton iced tea was way better than this one. Hate! Hate! Hate!

But! Just wait. This is the best of it all...I super love their Chicago cheesecake (Dhs 27)! Yummy! I had to take it home and enjoy the taste for 2 days. The best cheesecake so far in Dubai.

Served with strawberry and topped with whipped cream.

I will come back again just for this cheesecake. I am a chocolate lover but their cheesecake is definitely a second choice.

So from the names of the food, its hard to know what kind of cuisine they offer, right? If you have notice the names of their menu, you know that some of them are named after countries. Mandarin and Icelandic are examples.

The ambiance was very American though,

Pardon me for the photos, as you all know, I am only using my mobile phone. Aside from the fact that I don't own a nice camera as yet for my blog entries, my camera on my mobile phone is very handy. I can take pictures anytime I want. I like the last photo which says, "the legend is born."

If you would like to visit and try their food. They are location at City Centre, just near the cinema. Find this sign


Pending Posts

Oh, I have so much to blog about, but unfortunately, I couldn't. My cable to upload my photos is missing. I looked everywhere but still out of sight. I'm sort of excited to tell you more about another gastronomic binge that we just had. I will look further and once it's found, I will tell you more about it. See you again soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I can't explain my feeling right now. I feel like crying for no reason at all. Is that normal? Or I am just overwhelmed by the changes coming my way. Guess I don't particularly like changes. I know nothing is constant but still its difficult to let go of the good things in life. I am a born worrier and this transition is making me a little tense.  I know this is what I wanted but this nagging feeling is bugging me so much. What if something goes wrong? I hate disappointments as well as frustrations and definitely, complications is not on my A-list. But I cannot avoid it anymore. I have to face this and hope for the best.

Nothing much to say, I just wanted to let this out of my system. I feel a little better now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Desert Safari Night to Remember

It was a freezing night of partying and gathering of Filipinos, mix with some other nationalities. Few days before the said event, we already bought our tents, sleeping bags and other paraphernalias to prepare us for a one night at Desert Safari. Neither one of us had experience an overnight party at the desert and nobody can tell what to expect from it so we are all excited.

On the day itself, everybody at our flat were busy packing their own stuff. Far-ouT was one of the Marshalls so he had to leave early with the rest of the guys to assist.

Yours truly was left behind with the other guys and gals. We were advised to come early at the meeting place at Zabeel park so we can choose our bus going to the location. Oh well, we were actually the last to arrived and needed to wait for a bus because most it left already.

Finally after some time, second to the last bus came to take us for a one and a half drive to the site where a desert ride are waiting for us to take us to the campsite. Upon arrival, we were greeted with music and people setting up their tent.

For a Dhs 100, you get to experience a freezing night of bonfire, food, booze and music. Everybody was in their party mood. Dinner was offered. You get to choose form Beef, chicken and pork.

Everybody enjoyed the night.

To recap, the tent that we bought is the cheapest that we could get. Nevertheless, it served it purpose already

We also bought this chair and glad that we did. It was a comfortable resting place.

I wasn't able to get a photo of our sleeping bag. But thank goodness it gave us the protection and comfort for an uber cold night at the desert. The only hassle is the lack of washroom or bathroom. The organizer were smart enough to set-up this improvised toilet for the ladies.

They made fun of me while taking a loo. Good thing I was ready for it. Hahaha

I hardly slept through the night but I was awake with a morning breeze and sunrise. It was the coldest morning I had in years. Freezing than my Mt. Pulag climb.

Time to pack away and head back to the flat to get that much needed rest and sleep.

It was a Desert Safari night to remember indeed.