Friday, July 23, 2010

Verleo Catering, the verdict

During my preparation, I already mentioned the menu that Verleo will prepare for us for Bella's first birthday party. Food is the one thing that guests will really remember during events. I was hoping I won't go wrong with choosing the correct supplier for this events. I usually don't repeat same supplier, I am the trial and error when it comes to suppliers. For the events that I prepared, no major boo boo supplier so far. I read a lot of good reviews for Verleo and I have nothing but high hopes from them that  that they will make Bella's party a success.

I was very clear with all my details prior to the event. My bubble bath delight theme needs to be followed according to plan and I can say that Verleo did not disappoint me. They were able to incorporate the under water ambiance that I wanted.

As you can see from above, I have chosen royal blue and aqua blue for the table cloth and yellow for table napkin whilst a little lighter blue for the children's table.

Verleo have low-priced packages, though they are not flexible with the viands to choose from. The packages that I have chosen excludes seat covers for the chairs, how bare it would be if it will only be monoblocks hence, I paid additional 10 pesos for each seat cover. Initially, they were charging me Php 20 but since I will not be getting their flower centerpieces and plan to DIY it, I haggle with my AE, thanks to my persuasive skill, which is so poor, it was lowered at Php 15, then they gave in at  Php 10.00 at the end.

I also would like to include Fresh Lumpia in exhange for a viand that I didn't like from the choices, unfortunately, it was another Php10.00 per head. The total amount was still not bad after all. I can say that I didn't went wrong on choosing Verleo. Most of our guests were raving about the foods.

From left to right: Roast Chicken, Plain Rice, Fresh Lumpia,
Baked Macaroni, Crunchy Fish Fillet with Tartar sauce. I also ordered Elar's lechon through them

Below: Salad Bar and Mango Crepe.

They were able to deliver their service up to my expectation. The foods were great. The waiters were attentive and courteous. One thing though, what I just didn't like was the set-up they made in the salad bar. The reason I got this one is because I was thinking that it will be nice to see a salad bar in addition to the buffet table, however, they just have the salad without the bar, it was placed in a table.

I was actually stressed on the latter part of the party, most of the foods were already finished and there were still guests coming in. My AE assured me that they have 10% buffer on the total guests so I wasn't worried, however, I was seeing the buffet table getting empty with foods and it made me so nervous. Maybe I just miscalculated the guests that we have invited or maybe most of our guests loved the food and keep coming back for more? Well, I do hope everybody was satisfied at least.

Kids meal is a different story as there were a lot of leftovers. Not because of the taste, it was good too, nothing fancy though, but kids were lesser than expected.

From left to right: Hotdog with mallows, Chicken drumstick, Spaghetti with meat sauce.
Below: Choco Cupcake with sprinkles

Both the adult and kids foods were serve with 2 rounds of iced tea. But I guess the waiters were nice enough to give more to our guests.

I would have to say Thank You Verleo, for a job well done.


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Thanks Zonia.

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