Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating 3 years at Medzo in Wafi City

Not long time ago, I was only preparing for our wedding and now we are already celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. Nothing has change really, it made us even stronger and closer to each other. I asked Far-ouT when will he ask me again to marry him and he said, hmm, that may be on our silver anniversary. I answered back, that's too far! But deep in my heart, it really doesn't matter. As long as we get along well, we're happy being together, keeping the love and respect alive, I'll be fine. I know this is not a perfect world, there would definitely be ups and down in a relationship, I have not encounter a major one as yet, but I will be ready for it, we will be ready for it. Besides, 8 years of being together is not something that you can just throw and forget.

To celebrate our 3 years together as husband and wife, my Far-ouT took me to a fine dining experience! Not again! No rice venue is a pain in my stomach. Haha!

Just looking at the chandeliers, this is definitely fine dining.

Glasses, spoon and forks, overall table set-up is spelled fine dining. Arrgh!

Apologies for the dim light, its part of being in a fine dining restaurant. I actually chose a table with a much lighter area for my photos but still my ever reliable mobile phone couldn't capture the nice place.

I was surprised to see 2 dips for their complimentary bread, not the usual butter spread. Far-ouT was not sure what were the dips, so we asked our server and he was accommodating enough to explained to us. The Green colored one is Saffron infused in extra virgin olive oil and the dark one is balsamic vinegar. and both are good. Something new for my personal sense of taste.

We already ordered our main course and were left to order for the drinks. We scanned the menu and couldn't find Iced tea on their list. So I asked if it was available. The food server said they could come up with something. Hmm, strange that they do not have the usual iced tea. But then again, they have alcoholic beverages.

Since they don't have this on their menu, its quite bland. They improvised for an iced tea drinker and not sosyal enough to order wine me. Hahaha!

For our appetizer, I am beginning to think that I am ordering the same colored ones since our Royal Ascott Hotel date. But this is definitely yummier. I swear.

This is Asparagus and spinach soup (Dhs 39.00). It has wild mushroom and ricotta tortellini, parmesan cheese may be added.

Far-ouT entree is called Tuna 'crudo' with olive oil, poached cherry tomatoes, and fresh crab (Dhs 72.00). With the price, this will cover the main course as well. Haha!

Since this is an Italian Restaurant, he wanted to taste their Pizza (Dhs 72.00). Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes and roquette.

This is Mezzo Pizza, original thin and crispy pizza from the wood oven.

And below is my main course. I shamelessly asked for rice but to no avail.

Even without the visible sight of rice, this is definitely worth trying. Tastefully delicious. Olive oil and herb roasted corn fed chicken, Jerusalem artichoke, and smoked potato tortellini, sauteed wild mushrooms (Dhs 95.00)

And for dessert, we had cappuccino chocolate soufflé with a side of vanilla sauce.

It was so airy it nearly floated off the plate, with edges that were slightly caramelised.

Ambiance was definitely a plus.

The bar.

And the pianist.

We even dressed up for this occasion as well.

More years to come.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Will You Take Your Boracay Rum?

Paddle Harder. Deeper. Longer by day. Enjoy Boracay Rum by night.

Birthday Venue

Again, the last minute preparation in me took over once again so now, I am not in the position to choose anything at all. I am left with few options. Mcdonald's Jumeirah Beach Road and Mcdonald's Spinney's in Bur Dubai. I want to hit myself for not inquiring earlier, Friday and Saturday are fully booked already so we were left with Sunday option, which mind you is a working day in Dubai. Arrrgh! I was actually, thinking of booking Mcdonald's Jumeirah branch because it is near our office, however, since the Mcdonald's in Spinney's Bur Dubai is nearer our place, we decided to hold Bella's party there.

Awww, my Bella will be 2 years old in a few weeks.

She is learning to talk now, thank God!

Anyway, when I inquired on both branches, one thing I noticed is that, the crew in the Jumeirah Beach road branch are more accommodating than the ones in the Spinney's Bur Dubai branch. I was already on the verge of backing out because they have a lot of dont's. One, I can only bring cake. Two, I cannot have a theme of my own except Mcdonald's which I understand but don't intend to follow. Sorry, but I have plans and lots of pinwheels! I don't think it will affect Mr Mcdonald's at all. Three, they only have Hamburglar as their mascot! Excuse me, but he is not so pretty at all! Four, I cannot bring extra balloons. They said, they will prepare everything for us. But I want to bring extra balloons to spruce up the place! I cannot even design my centertable. I was getting frustrating but then again, I have to look at the bright side of things.

This branch can accommodate maximum of 50 pax, unlike the other one which is limited to 40 pax.

They also have play area for the kids, party venue is located on the 2nd floor though but it really doesn't matter.

It much cheaper to hold party in Mcdonald's. I do not have to prepare the invitations, souvenirs, host, party hats. They have games, music, treats and entertainment. So I have to put aside my ideas just for this one, but not all. Mcdonald's in Dubai have limited foods as well, they do not have what we have in the Philippines like spaghetti, Rice and Chicken with Gravy and other foods that kids will surely enjoy and unfortunately, were also not allowed to bring. Its not what I wanted but this is what we have right now so make the most out of it again.

All we did was to pay Dhs 100.00 as reservation fee and just show up on the day of the party. This is the first time that I will have a Mcdonald's party and the first time that I am not the hands-on on party planning but I hope that Bella will enjoy her party. Its hers anyway.

Their party package includes
  • Celebrant's gift
  • Goody bags for kids
  • Party Games: 3-4 games and Prizes for the winners
  • Mcdonaldland Character appearance (hamburglar)
  • free party favors (Invitation cards, party hats, balloons, decorations)
Should you wish to hold your kids party in Mcdonald's Spinneys in Bur Dubai, you may contact them at telephone number 04-3592213.

Hope that Mcdonald's will make my Bella's party a hit! Just like her first.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good and bad

Do you think this is the best time to change my blog format? I've been thinking a lot lately, though I am still overwhelmed with Bella's arrival last Monday, 16th May, I still couldn't ignore this nagging feeling inside of me. Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to be with Bella. This is what I longed for eversince we separated, but then again is this really what's best for her? All I ever wanted was for her to have a happy childhood which will be her foundation when she grows up. One wrong move from us, her parents, might cause something big for her. Am I being selfish when all I wanted was for us family to be together, but is Bella being with us in a foreign country solve it? Where she would be far away from her cousins, her playmates and kid neighbors. Will she be growing up in a normal environment? I work, Far-ouT works as well, My mom and Bella will be left for 8 hours and more in our flat. Its just so sad just thinking how she'll spend hours without playmates, 5 days a week. Will she be thanking us for sending her in Dubai to be with us or will she hates us in the future for doing so?

I heard a lot of negative feedbacks on the kids of Dubai. They have this Paris Hilton kind of attitude. I'm scared that I will not be able to instill values to my daughter with this kind of lifestyle. I want to raise her to be a good person. I don't want to be a failure.

I wish this guilt feeling and worry will go away. I hope I had done the right decision. I pray that this change of life has a positive effect on her.

On happy thoughts, I couldn't believe that my Bella is really here with us after almost 8 months of being an absent nanay. Being able to embrace her, to see her smile, to pacify her when she's hurt. To bathe her, feed her just like the old times was the best feeling in the world.

On Mame and Bella's day 1 in Dubai, I introduce them to IKEA. Especially to Mame who's fond of everything about house. She was awed with all the beatiful designs of bedroom, kitchen, dining area etc.

Bella on the otherhand is still adjusting to her time. Most of the 2 days was spent eating and sleeping. Her body clock is still Philippine time. Hope she'll recover soon from the time difference.

More to come.

Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd birthday Preparations

I know! I know! I have lots of backlogs from my posts. I have recent food trippings these past few days but I want to reserve those for some other time and make way for what's more important event coming my way. I am awaiting the arrival of my dearest Bella. At last! After 7 months of absence I can't wait to see and hug my daughter again.

But then again, due to excitement, I forgot to prepare that she will also be celebrating her 2nd birthday on June 4! Omigosh! It totally slip my mind! Good thing, Far-ouT was the one who reminded me on where to celebrate it.

Honestly, its difficult to prepare parties in Dubai, aside from the fact that you have limited options, sad that we will not be able to celebrate the occasion with your family and friends but still, we have to be thankful with what we have at the moment and make the most out of it.

To start of, to make it easier for me, I always use 2 guidelines. First, as I have mentioned during my recent event preparation, every time I am start my preps, I always think of my theme, always my guide to incorporate all my ideas at the end of the day. Secondly, I scout for possible suppliers, this is where my ever reliable N@W comes in for the inspiration.

Bella's first birthday party was a hit! I love all the details of it. Honestly, I am not fond of the usual theme for girls, Disney princess, Dora, etc. I want something unique but cost effective. After a few options, I finally decided on my theme. I had to consider that Bella's birthday falls on summer in Dubai which is definitely hot already. Not very ideal for outdoor party.  But I wanted something summery. So Whimsical summer party came up! and everything about pinwheel!

I love this table set-up, fun-loving mood for the summer table.

These thank you cards are simply fabulous.

and so is this.

What about this party favors?

I am still in the process of deciding which from these 4 beautiful cakes I'd choose





From the above 4 designs, which one would you choose?

I am loving pinwheels!

Pinwheels makes me happy, indeed.

More to come.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Taza Restaurant

Busy season is coming and I am feeling it the effect as early as now. I may have to expect some overtime work from June until September, what else is knew? I am dragging it as I am imagining how busy it would really be but I dont want to think about it for the meantime as I will take some time out from work to relax and enjoy my little girl before reality checks in again.

One of the days where we had to stay late again to be updated ,colleagues and yours truly decided to grab a bite from Taza Restaurant. I am seeing it everyday but not really paying much attention to it. It just so happen that it was the nearest food chain along the way. But good thing that we have chosen to eat here, though they have limited menus, their chicken is really tasty

They also have big servings of 4 chicken on this plate,

And they have this cute bread (sorry, don't know how they call it) that are freshly baked. This is where they baked it. It the bread that pops. Haha! Because from tiny piece of flour, once they placed it under heat, it pops

They also have the barbeque chicken, its also delicious but be sure to eat immediately because it tends to harden when its cold already

I want rice!!!

Even with weird taste, I still enjoyed the taste of it. Intriguing really