Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spotted: Jessica Simpson shoes

Am I lucky or what? I've been searching Brands for Less for hours, keep coming back to the same aisle of my size over and over again but when I was about to give up -- there she is...such a beauty.

Excuse me for posing some photos wearing my new found shoes.

when Fab Thursday came. Heels! Heels! Heels! Day

and a special event came

Jessica Simpson is love.

All the best.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Barrio Fiesta now in Dubai

Its been forever since my last post. Although, I visit my blog on a daily basis, I just couldn't put an entry these past few days. Blame it on some family drama that made my days a little too exciting. But its kindda subside now. The waves are back to normal, I suppose. My mom went back to the Philippines and we are on a 2 week vacation to find Bella, a patient, loving and responsible person to take care of her on a daily basis. I'm so not lucky yet.

Prior to mom's flight back to our home country, we went for a farewell dinner in recently open Filipino Restaurant in Burjuman, Barrio Fiesta.

Our Filipino Server went to our table with this nice tray.

Chopsuey (Dhs 18). Combination of mixed vegetables, sauteed with shrimps, chicken liver and gizzard.

Sinigang na Hipon (Dhs 35). A tamarind flavoured soup served with shrimps and assorted vegetables.

Look inside, there's a a lighted candle to keep the soup warm

Lechong Manok (Dhs 55). Roasted whole chicken the Filipino way.

We also ordered, Manggang Sisig (Dhs 16). Chopped green mango, tomatoes, and onion mixed with shrimp sauce.

Its really nice to eat Filipino dishes even if you are away from home.

The setting is also an all filipino touch. There's guitar, the servers' uniform is a simple version of saya, a traditional Filipino dress.

The photos are showing how we live our lives in the Philipines.

There's an eat-all-you-can portion from this end.

Nice lights.

And even this coconut shell is a very nice touch to the overall Filipino concept.

Filipino cuisine is a fusion of rich native flavours with dashes of Spanish, Chinese, and Malay culinary influences - making it a unique gastronomic experience. It is a mixture truly showcasing the rich Filipino heritage.

Farewell, Mame. See you in the Philippines.

All the best,