Friday, July 27, 2012


Its been such a crazy month this is, one of the busiest in the moving industry. I wonder what is it about June, July, and August were most of clients are moving from country to country during these months, aside from the fact that Holy Ramadan shortened the working hours by 2 hours. So expect riot, screaming, cursing in the office. We are not even allowed to take leaves during this time of the year, although, we consider the 12 months of every year anything but relax work environment in the corporate world.

My mini ME already started her summer class too. Far-ouT, Ate Z and I went to school with her the first day of summer class.

Bella was excited to explore her new world.

trying to be independent

Starting to make new friends

Starting to enjoy school

Bella is still adjusting though. There were crying times, when its time to leave her alone. Nevertheless, she's coping up well. I realized preparing her for the school year is a good way to start.

These are the lessons that the school is teaching the kids.

They are starting for A E I O U. Its a good thing that I am now having ideas on what they normally teach in school with this age group. Its surprising how advance the lessons plans are. I thought kindergarten only plays most of the time during the school timings. But maybe they are?

My mini-ME still trying to write now, she just can't decide yet which hand to use, sometimes she uses the right, sometimes the left.

Can't wait for the summer to be over - although, I have yet to explore another resort before the season ends. Of course, I'll tell you about it soon.

All the best,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Assessment Day at United International Private School (UIPS)

Another milestone happened to my mini-ME yesterday as she was scheduled for assessment in her school. It really didn't bother me when we went to the school the first time about the assessment. Well, I actually missed that detail. All along, I thought that I am only awaiting the day of enrollment. Until, I was informed by a former colleague that there is actually an assessment. I double checked the details provided by the teacher and there it was! Shoot! Assessment and Enrollment. Oh yeah, that is after the reservation fee was made. Can't we do the assessment first, before reservation?

Nevertheless, my mini-ME already know the alphabet, numbers 1-10, colors, shapes by heart so I wasn't concerned at all.

On the day, There were a lot of kids doing the tests. Some are 3, 4 and 5 years of age.  Bella is 3 years old and 1 month on the assessment day and will be 3 years old and 3 months for kindergarten 1 on September. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness what was happening, work-related. I am hearing bits and pieces from Far-ouT and Ate Z (Ate Z is Bella's friend looking after her during the day, yes! we found the one).

Bella behaving before the tests

Beside my mini ME is a kid the same age as she is, both listening to instruction, I guess.

Bella ready for her assessment

Curious about the colorful crayons

Here she goes, I wonder what my mini - ME is doing here though

Busy Bella

Look teacher

My mini-ME passed English 13 over 15 and Math 7 over 10. I'm a proud Nanay! Far-ouT wasn't able to see the actual test, only the result. Nevertheless, that is more than enough to proceed with her enrollment.

Some were recommended to try again when the kid is a year older. Those were the ones who cried the whole time of the assessment. They may not be ready as yet.

One of their requirements is for the child to know how to write their names already, so better start teaching your kid.

The rest were told to follow the enrollment process

Thank goodness, everuthing went well on my mini-ME assessment day.

Far-ouT and yours truly decided to enroll my mini-ME in a summer reading and writing class offered by the school just so to ready her once school year starts on September 9.

All the best,