Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lay-Bare Day

I was intrigue for the longest time since I heard of cold sugar waxing. Finally, after looking for the nearest and most convenient location for me, I have experienced how it feels like. Lay bare is on 3/F Market! Market!, Global City, Taguig. T'was the messiest and yet the cleanest work I have ever experience when it comes to waxing. At Lay-Bare they only use cold wax jelly made of sugar, calamansi and honey placed in small plastic cups. It was not really cold but its definitely not hot. I had my underarm waxed for Php 150 and the half leg waxing is Php 300. The wax will be stick directly to your skin and remove the hairs, unlike the hot ones where it will be spread on your legs and then stripped with a piece of white cloth. I can vouch that its really not that hurting. The technician who attended to me made sure that everything was taken out as she patiently even thread the smallest hairs. And speaking of which, I would definitely come back for upper lip threading.

However, here's what I think: One, they need to put cornstarch to your skin, so the wax will stick to your skin, which is so messy! and two, the whole process took about more than 1 hour. So it not recommended to those in a hurry. Good thing though is, I was comfortable since they have private waxing cubicle with real beds and my little darling was allowed to come inside where she took the liberty to breastfeed. The staff was so friendly and accommodating as well.

I would still prefer hot wax over the cold one, I like the hot thingy when spread to skin. but when it comes to the staff accommodation and convenience, I'd choose Lay-Bare.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Combination of Mann Hann and Mannang

16th January 2010. We had the sumptuous meal ever at Mann Hann, located at the LG, Bldg. B of SM Megamall after Bella's monthly check-up.

This fine dining mixed with oriental flavors of chinese menu was first introduced to me by a good of mine while I was still working with Sari-Sari. She, her boyfriend turned husband and I shared a meal worth around 500++. However, due to budget contraint it wasn't followed until recently.
When my brother and his family came home for my wedding last May 2008, asked me which restaurant I would recommend for our lunch, I had no idea where to take them, but after passing by the same restaurant at the same location, it was then that I remembered how good their food were. So I gave my two thumbs up and boy! how they'd enjoyed the meal! especially the Lechon Kawali, crispy and tender.

Mannang and Mann Hann are sister company, while the former is distinguised by its tandem of Chinese and Filipino cuisine, the latter is renowned for its basic Chinese delicacies.
After several attempts, as Mann Hann is always full during lunchtime, and since we were already having a late lunch, we were lucky enough to have our seats without waiting.
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 220.00)

Lechon Kawali (Php 220.00)

Seafood Special (Php 230.00)

Fresh Lemonade (Php 160.00)

We also ordered Fresh Pineapple Shake (80.00) Hototai (Php 195.00).

This is truly a good value for your money. No regrets. My mom and my ninang really had a delicious meal (my treat to them once a month for patiently taking care of my little bella). I just wish they would improve on customer service. Their waiters were not that polite and customer oriented.

But to sum it all up, Mann Hann and Mannang are still one of the good places to dine.

Beauty and Butter

Bella and I were just playing on the 5th level of SM Megamall when I chance upon this newly opened beauty haven, Beauty & Butter.

The place has a nice touch of colorful pillows but everything else were black and white.

Curiousity struck so I had my upper lip threaded for Php 150. I was just not happy about it. I don't know how to thread my hair myself but I'm sure, the one who was assigned to do it to me were not either. I stopped her several times because she was already taking some of my facial hair out and all i received was a few laugh (hmm...did she thought I was joking?). Also, I am used to this service so it is not that hurting anymore, however, this one made me a little teary eyed, unlike the other ones I've tried who are really expert in threading, they do it with minimal pain.

Anyway, I haven't tried other services yet (which I am not sure if I want to) but because of their lower rates, maybe, just maybe, I may come back.

Besides, I'm still yet to avail of my birthday gift from Posh Nails. Free Manicure!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

100 Awesome Experiences Only in the Philippines

I love traveling. Explore and experience something new is my biggest passion. I just get frustrated because I'm limited to a few. Thank you Anton, of Our Awesome Planet for your wonderful site. I'm a fan. You inspired me. I do wish I get to do even more of these 100 Awesome Experiences that Philippines has to offer.

1. Bale Dutung Experience
2. Isla Naburot
3. Halo Halo Food Trip
4. UP Food Trip
5. Experiencing Coron
6. 7 Day Bicol Trip
7. Rustic Beauty of Batanes
8. El Nido, Palawan
9. Ligligan Parul Fiesta
10. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
11. Foodie Haven of Pampanga
12. Chocolate Hills, Bohol
13. Kota Beach, Bantayan
14. Batad Experience
15. Viaje del Sol
16. Forever Tagaytay Secrets
17. Walking San Juanico Bridge My family and I went land trip from Manila to Mindanao when I was still on my elementary days and one of the highlight of it was the driver of the bus stopover in this bridge and was able to take few pictures.
18. Donsol Whale Sharks
19. Daet
20. Caramoan
21. Surfing in Baler I went to Baler with my Far-ouT and friends and was able to experience the beach, but wasn't able to surf, simply because I don't know how, so we'll leave it at that.
22. Siargao Experience
23. Rafting in CDO, Davao, Kalinga, Cagayan
24. Road Trip CDO-Iligan-Osamis-Dakak
25. PSI Experience
26. Bora Night Life
27. 4 hours Massage
28. Masscara of Bohol
29. Sinulog Cebu Festival
30. Dinagyang Iloilo
31. Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud
32. Baguio My Far-ouT and I went to baguio as a side trip when we were scheduled to climb the mountain of Pulag. It was actually my first time to go to Baguio. Loser right? Hahaha! I was already at my twenties then
33. Callao Caves, Tuguegarao
34. Mayaoyao Harvest
35. Romblon
36. Apo Reef Experience
37. Tubataha
38. Underground River Palawan
39. Romantic Restos of the Philippines
40. Lea Salonga and Joanna Ampil
41. Bohol Beach Club Bumming
42. Milo Marathon Experience
43. Pangasinan Loop
44. World Pyro Olympics
45. Anawangin
46. Mall of Asia, Biggest Mall I really didn't like going to MOA, the reason is, because it is the biggest, just thinking how huge it is, makes me tired already but been there several times already and I haven't seen enough yet
47. Balesin Experience
48. Cagbalete
50. GK Volunteer Experience
51. Penafrancia Pilgrimage
52. Manaog, Dagupan We recently went here last June 2010 with Bella, Far-ouT and his family.
53. Flower Festival of Baguio
54. Mt. Pinatubo Trek
55. Chef Popit and Artist Chef Experience
56. Carinderia Tour of the Philippines
57. Pagsanjan Falls
58. Healing Centers of the Philippines
59. Sister Raquel & Father Suarez
60. Homily of Fr. Armand
61. Be inspired by Why Not Forum?
62. Kerygma Feast
63. Inner Child Retreat
64. Laguna Loop Tour
65. Antonio's Tagaytay
66. Climbing Taal Volcano
67. The Beaches of Cebu
68. Lighthouse Tour of the Philippines
69. Corregidor Island
70. Amanpulo
71. Lengua of Chef Ed Quimson
72. Salcedo and Legaspi Weekend Market
73. Wake Boarding in Camsur
74. Surfing La Union
75. Old Manila Walks Those were the days! Hahaha!
76. Tina Decal's Tours
77. Pink Beach, Zamboanga
78. Beaches of Tawi Tawi
79. Kadayawan, Davao
80. Sunset Paraw
81. Mt. Pulag Climb One of the hightlights of the A-Life. Love the experience.
82. Anilao Diving
83. Giving Birth @ Asian Hospital
84. Buko Pie Trip
85. Puto of the Philippines
86. Pansit of the Philippines
87. Suman of the Philippines
88. Bukidnon Monks
89. Surfing Purar-an
90. Quiapo Devotion
91. Divisoria I don't really appreciate going to this place until recently when my daughter was about to celebrate her 1st year birthday. We scouted the stuff for the loot bags and I was proud of myself for not spending too much. I have discovered that Divisoria Mall is my new found friend.
92. The Farm 7-Day Detox Experience
93. Artist Haven of Antipolo
94. Delicacies of the Philippines
95. Amanpulo
96. Ateneo Food Trip
97. Flavors of La Salle
98. Virtual Tour of the Philippines
99. Romantic Resorts in the Philippines
100. Massage Havens

Friday, January 8, 2010

Party theme for First Birthday

Though I am quite busy with work, I make it a point to have think of the upcoming event for bella. Her 1st year birthday! I'm excited to prepare yet another milestone for her. To make it easier for me to incorporate everything in one piece, what I did was think of the best theme for it.
With all the available themes out there, I shortlisted two:

Secret Flower Garden

Bubble bath delight

If you were to celebrate the first birthday party of your child. What would you choose? (Photos taken from the internet, if these were yours, please advise me so I may recognize you, other are from Hostess).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starbucks 2010 planner

The first time the Barista asked me would I want to have the...I don't remember how they call that...the piece of paper where they put the stickers on? Anyway, I said "no, thanks!" I know having it would only mean that I need to fill it in. The next time I was asked, well, I don't have to complete it, do I? So I just said, alright. Then it all begun. My brain started to plan on the next coffee day. Damn! I should have known better. I became an addict. To cut the long story short. Here it very own Limited edition Starbucks Coffee 2010 Planner.

I have chosen this over 2 other available designs. The very first planner of starbucks, that was 2005, if I am not mistaken was way better than all of them. It's more convenient to carry and has loads of freebies. This one has only 6, with only one free coffee of your choice. Format of pages were made vertically, so space are limited. But the page marker was cute with coffee-like chain at the end. Nice touch.

Finally, I am a certified owner...

A gift for myself on my birthday. I think I'll have a hard time writing on its pages. Goodness! Thinking of all those money that I spent on coffee makes me want to just stare at it. Sobrang effort! The only consolation I have is that I was able to share something for those 3,000 wishers of a brighter future. As I understand, some of the earnings will be given to SparkHope.

Moving forward, as I already have accomplished this task, I believe I should focus on other things like preparing my next event. Bella's 1st year birthday!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Recap of 2009

Its been awhile, I know, since my last piece. 2009 was quite an amazing year for me. The highlight would be the new kid on the block. The birth of our Ma. Isabella Jian, quite a long name, huh. She's 2 days away from her 7 month birthday. Big girl na . The next thing I know, she'll entertain suitors na. I'm not ready yet for that. Back to reality. Anyway, I was also back in the Philippines after 3 years of being away from home. I also have a job at the moment. I am still enjoying it so no hurry, beside, I am able to watch bella's growing up years. Far-ouT was left behind abroad, though.

Let's see...I don't smoke anymore. Alcohol-free system. I'm so damn thin. I sleep late. I became a breastmilk advocate (which I didn't planned, however, breastmilk just came overflowing!). I drink a lot of water (I swear, to the verge of drowning *exagge!). But I am holding my pee most of the time (because I do it a lot!) I sometimes fight with the oldies at home (mom and my ninang), well not naman fight as in "fight," I reasoned out (better) when it comes to taking care of bells. They have their old ways, I have google. I still dont know how to drive, Far-ouT is already a UAE driving license holder (proud of you!). I'm quite addicted to massage. I spend on mani-pedi na. What else?! Can't think of any right now so I'm holding this off for now.

For 2010. Still no smoke and beers. More on the healthy living side. I started swimming again. I will still express my milk for bella. Spend more time with her. Little time on facebook (no more games). I will sleep early. More water. No holding off of Pee. I will still fight with the oldies because my search engine is still working. No more mani-pedi (i'll buy na lang stuff and DIY). I will still be addicted to massage. I want to learn how to drive.