Saturday, June 25, 2011

McDonald's birthday venue

To wrap up my post for Bella's 2nd year birthday bash, we have chosen McDonald's as venue. The location was accessible to our guests as it is along the road, just beside Spinney's Bur Dubai. It could accommodate 50 guests and has a play area for kids. Their area was big and good for birthday parties.

Unlike in Manila, where you will pre-order your meal, in Dubai, your guests has the choice of getting the food they wanted during the party. However, there were no spaghetti, chicken, and others meal that you can choose from, only their burgers. (now I am missing Manila). So I told myself, Bella will not have a Mcdonald's party again in Dubai.

Before the party started, the host kept on insisting that we pre-order already because getting orders is time consuming and we only have like 2 hours for the party. What I asked them was, get the orders of the guests now and we will pre-order the others which were not present yet.

The games were for adults because we only have less than 10 kids. But our guests enjoyed the party nevertheless. But still, there's no place for parties like home.

The last of my disappointments. I was not allowed to even decorate to spruce up the place. Far-ouT and I was preparing my theme for weeks and it just ended up in the trash can. I understand that it was a Mcdonald's party but can you at least allow me to just put one pinwheel? No.

Again, I told myself, Bella will not have a Mcdonald's party in Dubai.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Cake from Sugarbox

Cake is another frustration in Dubai. I was a little stressed about where to order the cake and luckily chance upon Sugarbox from one of my sisies from N@W, so I sent immediately the photo of the cake that I wanted but their quote to me was outrageously expensive.

But I was not surprise at all, just see how I want Bella's cake to look.

Even the cupcake photo that I sent was way beyond my budget.

I was disappointed at first for not getting the cake and cupcake designs that I wanted but then again, at the last minute, I seriously made some thinking and although the design was really nice and definitely a beauty, the practical side of it is that not everybody will be able to taste it so I chose an alternative for our guests to enjoy and at the same time save on souvenirs

We decided to visit one of their stores in Mercato Mall, Jumeirah Beach road and see what they can offer.

Aside from cakes, they also have mini cakes, simple cupcakes ranging from Dhs 12.00 to 3D design tops around Dhs 17.00 - Dhs 19.00 depending on how you wanted it to look like.

We have tasted 2 flavors, red velvet and mocha which was really yummy.

We were already set our minds to order mini cupcakes for Bella's birthday then these truffles caught my eyes.

They were yummier. I swear. Also, they have these really cute boxes.

I finally decided on ordering 100 truffles with different flavors as favors to our guests.

We also bought a cupcake stand from IKEA to placed the truffle boxes

The actual cake for Bella to blow her candles was bought separately from sugarbox, it was just on standard size, just enough for cake cutting and candle blowing to make her wishes or rather our wishes for her. I told them that a simple design will do but they were nice enough to make a cute one.

and not just the design, but the cake itself was yummy too!   

The truffles was really a treat and the cake was enough for us to enjoy for a few days. haha!

Sugarbox is highly recommended.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Invitation

I really wanted something different for Bella's invitation as always. However, celebrating in Mc Donald's left me with no choice but use what they can offer. The usual invitation. Since I am trying to make a theme out of Mcdonald's birthday party, I tried to make the invites more lively for our guests.

Looking for the right materials in Dubai is really frustrating. Not all stuff are available in the market. These are one of the days that I miss Divisoria. We've been to every party shops and bookstore but to no avail. Good thing, we were able to find something from Magrudy's

Though it was not very ideal for pinwheels, it was way better and cheaper that any other choices that we have seen. With Far-ouT cooperation and creativeness, we were able to make the invites nicer.

The next big thing is up next.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bella's Birthday: June 4

Famous Birthdays

1971 Noah Wyle

1975 Angelina Jolie

Birthstone: Pearl

Sign: Gemini

Notable Events:

1912 Massachusetts becomes the first state in the U.S. to set a minimum wage

1917 The very first Pulitzer Prizes -- honoring print journalism, literary achievements, and musical composition -- are awarded

1919 The Senate approves the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote

Fun Facts

1896 Henry Ford takes his first car, an experimental vehicle he dubs the "Quadricycle," out for a test drive

1963 Six-year-old Robert W. Patch receives a patent for a "toy truck"