Monday, December 3, 2007

Wedding Itinerary

I’ve been quite busy with issues on non-related wedding preparations that it took me sometime to follow-up my previous blog on our Church…Anyway, my worries was now put to ease…there will be some reshuffling in our office and my only concern is “I want to keep my chair when I come back from vacation.” I already blurted it out today so now can concentrate again on what really matter most…

I’ve arrange our itinerary for January…and “Man, how we are so busy!” on the coming days. I don’t know if we’ll be able to enjoy this vacation since there are a lot of things to be done…Anyway, our priority is to finalize as much details as possible because we only have 1 month to do this and on May, 2 weeks and 3 days will be left for us to prepare anything more about the said event.

First things first, on our arrival…we have practically 2 days to rest and get use to the weather, traffic and get our things in order before doing all the meetings and suppliers to visit.

I decided to schedule the measurement of my gown on 4th January by Tina of New Yorker. Actually, she was the one who suggested having earlier so I’ll have more time for fittings since we’ll only be here for a month. I’m not worried though, I don’t even have any preparations like losing weight or anything…I’m one of the few who doesn’t have any problems on gaining weight…in fact I can eat anything…not the spoil ones, mind you…I don’t worry about the fats…Her place is located in Makati, so after the visit to her place we’ll go directly around Ortigas area to scout for the hotel to stay a night before our wedding…and a place to sleep after the event.

Hotels we are considering are Linden Suites (, Discovery Suites (, Crown Plaza (I couldn’t get their wedsite…lemme verify on this when I get the chance to check it out), Richmonde Hotel ( As you can see, I already deleted my dream hotel, Edsa Shangri-La (…Our budget was blown up to the highest level… and we cannot afford the price anymore so we are opting to have it in a less expensive one. And if we still have time, we’ll try visiting our chosen Photo/Video supplier, Nice Print Photos and discuss the details of the wedding packages I also have some documents for them to sign, SSJ is pretty much strict on these guidelines and we don’t want to have any problems come our wedding day. So we’ll make sure that they are well informed on this to avoid any major glitches that are bound to happen…

On 6th, I scheduled our confirmation. Since both our parent couldn’t recall if we had done before, I made sure to include this in our to do list. If you read my previous blog, you’ll notice that this is one of the requirements of the church. Our wedding day falls on a Sunday, so after completion of the whole process of confirmation, I made sure to check the transit time from church to venue to have an idea on travel time between both the locations. The church again is firm on the schedule of the nuptials. The groom, bride, whole entourage and guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to the wedding, so the ceremony may start on time. The church has no office on Sunday as confirmed by my mom, so we’ll have to come back and hand over the accomplished documents.

Please note that I made the schedule in such a way that there will be no wasted time, money, energy and effort. So everything has a reason. In case we will not be able to take pictures or confirm the details on the 6th, January for both venues, we need to come back the following day to Valle Verve 6, why… you asked…because….we need inspect the area to make the necessary note on the set-up of our caterer, the singers, our light and sounds and all the littlest details on the wedding day. We will be meeting with our musician, Anima choir and lights and sounds, Rejectkrew on the 8th…hopefully since I have not received any reply yet confirming for the date. Anyway…we’ll make sure this has been arrange before leaving from here…By the way, since we will be around Ortigas on the 7th, after Valle Verde, we’ll pass by OMF Literature near the new Horizon Hotel in Mandaluyong to check their bibles – one of our wedding accessory and after that we’ll go directly to Urban Print in Magallanes to inquire on how much they will charge for our invites ( I will make a separate blog for our invitation…we are in the process of finalizing the details so in due course, I’ll share it with you).

The following day, the 9th, should be the perfect time to submit the necessary documents since we are expecting to finish all that the church is requiring us to do by this time. We’ll be visiting also our beneficiary, Haribon Foundation in lieu of souvenirs…