Thursday, July 8, 2010

Makati Park and Garden

I am aware of the hassles that I will be facing once I considered Makati Park and Garden as venue.  When I was still preparing my wedding back then, i have read from my fellow sissies in Wedding@work the problems that they have encountered during their preps and so I removed it from my shortlisted venues. As I am now preparing for my Bella first birthday party, my chosen theme fit the venue perfectly so I had to reconsider this time.

As early as 1st February 2010, I have inquired the availability of the said venue. The only person handling the the scheduling of the place confirmed to me that our preferred date is still available, he instructed me to come and pay as soon as possible so he can block the date for me since they do not accept pencil booking and full payment is required to reserve the pavillion. I admitted that it was my mistake that I waited for a week before going to Makati City Hall to pay. When my mom went there to pay, Rolly Medina informed her that it was already booked for 2-6 and 7-11 time slots.

I was disheartened when I was told. As I have mentioned earlier, the venue was perfect for my party plan, it's also a plus that it is near house with discounted rate for Makati residence.

Anyway, with a heavy heart I started again to scout for other possible venues which I need to squeeze in during office hours. However, I was really keen on getting MP&G, even willing to change our party date. I again called their office and find out what would be the next date available. I spoke with a different person, Joanne if I am not mistaken. It just crossed my mind for a split second that maybe the person who booked my preferred date might change her mind or something...I just check again if June 5 is still available. To my surprised, she said that it is. She told me to come as early as 9:30 the following day just to be sure. Again, my mom went and finally paid the full amount.

I am just a little upset with the person-in-charge when my mom went the first time. You see, my mom is already old and I was turned off that he was not considerate enough on her.

Moving forward, on the day of the party, no stress na for me, the people around the venue were pleasant to deal with. I had no problem at all except that my caterer came as early as 9:00 AM to set-up. Unfortunately, they weren't allowed until 10:00 AM. There was also a janitor on stand-by cleaning the area where we placed the bubble machine so it will not be slippery. The restroom were also cleaned. This place is really a perfect venue for children party.

For those who wish to consider MP&G for the reception, you may contact Rolly Medina at 8998994. Makati residents can avail of the discounted rate of Php 5000. Non-residents are charged Php 8000.00.


Anonymous said...

hi lyra! this is maqui from n@w
thanks for sharing!
ask ko lang, how many pax can this venue accommodate?

A-Life said...

Hi Maqui. Thanks for visiting. The venue para siyang pa "U". The one from the Photo is around 50 pax lang so maluwag. I would say, that specific area can accommodate, 6 to 7 tables (with 8 to 10 chairs per table) so mga around 60-70 pax na hindi siksikan. Yung kabilang side can accommodate, 5 to 6 tables (with 8 to 10 chairs per table) 100-130 pax is ok na hindi crowded. Ang middle part would be the stage. Magulo ba? let me know kung ok lang yung explanation ko. - Aleina

Anonymous said...

Hi :) ask ko lang kung ilang oras o whole day ba yung 5 thou rent na yun ?. thank U :))

A-Life said...


5000 is only for 4 hours only. They have slots available, 1 for morning, 1 for afternoon, and 1 for evening.


Justine Yvonne said...

is still worth 8,000? for non-residence? i'm planning for my debut ksi.. can you please give me more details if i'll gonna rent the place for my debut,6-7hrs. Please get back to me at

A-Life said...

Hi Justine Yvonne,

Sorry but I am not aware should MP&G already increase they rates. You may want to call them and check the current rates. You may want to get 2 slots if you want 6-7 hours as each slot is equivalent to 4 hours only incld. ingress and egress.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Ask ko lang if u meant meron silang 3rooms na pwede ipabook.. And the one u chose was a small room? Kc im planning mp&g as venue for reception of my wedding.. Less than 200 guest.. Paano kya un?

A-Life said...

No, MP&G has 2 venues only. 1 Air Conditioned and one open air. Better opt for the airconditioned one. It is just 1 big pavilion. Check first, the last time I know, the place was close for renovation.

Anonymous said...

Hi. How can I get your contact? Because we're planning for a christmas party already. Please do email me

Aileen Negrillo said...

Hi..would you know how much is the venue now? I'm planning to have my reception in MP&G..hmmm,,approx 100pax..

Aileen Negrillo said...

ask ko lang if my corkage ba cla,,if my sarili akong caterer? and free use ng electricity? tnx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mommies!

For people considering Makati Park and Garden as their venue, you may want to read about our not-so-good experience about it.

Net, we were bumped off from our reserved time slot even if we were already fully paid. Reservation does not actually guarantee usage of the facility on the reserved date/time - there's always a possibility you'll get bumped off. Sometimes its inexpensive rental fee is not worth the uncertainties and the hassle one needs to go through to book the venue. We're sharing this experience so that hopefully others don't go through this same situation.