Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ging Lorenzo as Photographer

Though this would cut off a big portion from my budget, I am strong on getting Ging Lorenzo for Bella's 1st year birthday bash. I heard so much good things about her from N@W, my official preps search engine. More of a natural light photographer, she is well known especially for birthdays but she also does weddings.

Like the way I pushed through with our caterer, K Cunanan during our wedding. That is how keen I am on having her for another big event.

I am guilty as charge on considering other photographers. Ces Kasilig, another good one. I believe she worked several times with Ging on other events. However, she is due to give birth on June so no chance at all. She recommended her partner, William (If I remember it correctly) but he is only available in the morning of that day.

John Aguas is another one I considered. But after a lot of thinking and calculation, Ging is still on the top list. I am still thinking of getting John for the video though. If there would still be some leftovers from the budget.

So on 05 February, I deposited 25% DP to her account and closed as Bella's official photographer.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Makati Park and Garden

I had difficulties dealing with the one handling the booking of Makati Park and Garden. On one instance, I called their office and confirmed that the venue is still available, I requested my mom to come and pay, however, when she was already in Makati City hall, he said that it wasn't available anymore. I was really frustrated that time as I was already picturing how it would looked like during the event. It is actually the perfect venue for my theme.

Anyway, kudos to my untrusting side, I called again after several days and guess what? The date and time is still free. See?! I am not gonna let it go this time. My mom went there and paid. I have my receipt!!! Yipeeee....

We went there for a few shots to get an idea on where to place what, fortunately, there was an event and parents were nice enough to allow us to take some photos.

Makati Park and Garden Entrance

Pavilion has a fountain inside, just perfect my theme, I may place the stage in front of it

It's just so hard to plan where stage would go, where buffet table will be set as the place is, say so unpredictable?

This may be the place for the buffet table then

Maybe this would be the perfect spot for the treats

Definitely the tables and chairs

Ample parking space for the guests

That about it, I just need to visit again to make a more final lay out.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bubble Bath Delight Theme

It been a while since I started preparing for Bella's upcoming one year birthday bash! Most of it are only on the mind. Writing every ideas that came up. I thought of the theme a long time ago...because this where I usually begin my preparation, serves a guide to make all ends meet. Though I'm disheartened if I could incorporate all I have in mind with the budget, time constraint and limited access, I'm still hopeful I'll be able to pull it off. If not, then at least I tried.

To start off, theme of the party would be Bella's bubble bath delight! I have chosen this over the Garden theme.

The venue should have that Under water bubble bath ambiance.

Have cute rubber duckies as centerpices.

Have a table, be the manicure station. Have chairs with pale blue and white tool bows ties on them and have a variety of nail polishes lined up.

Set out little plastic clear bowls for soaking the hands, and have a sweet scented bubble bath that will create lots of bubble for pouring in.

Hang on walls, blown up pictures of bubbles, bubble baths, kids blowing bubbles, est. Around the area, little scented candles will be places, some scents like: Sea Spray, Fresh Laundry, Spring Waterfall. Or, find a water scented room spray. Also, a stereo playing jazzy, relaxing spa music

or a CD's with sounds of nature, like trickling water and seas, that will gives it a good start of for extra ambiance.

Rent a bubble machine and have it blowing bubbles all around the party room. Have a few tables with white, pale blue, and dark blue plastic tablecloths. Sprinkle sparkly bubble shaped confetti on them.

Have another smaller square table, be especially fancily decorated. This will be the cake table, and we can also line up the blue decorated bags on this table too!

I have three (3) more months to make this happen. Next in line would be to find the right venue and caterer to spruce up the place.