Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spending the night at Holiday Inn: A Birthday treat

A day before my birthday, Far-ouT and yours truly spent some quiet moments together, and celebrated the eve of my birthday at Holiday Inn. 

Prior to that , he took me to Dinner at Dome.

This is what my Far-ouT ordered. Fries, Salad and steak.

Mine is this. Although, rice was not included on the plates, we ordered it separately.

We  were already heading to Citimax, when I asked Far-ouT if he made a reservation and he said, no need as there are plenty of rooms. Wrong! there weren't plenty enough. We checked several options but most of them are fully booked.

Good thing, I was following Holiday Inn on Twitter and get familiar with their services. It was a long shot but good thing they still have availability around 11:30 PM! Yes, we almost didn't made it to my birthday eve and was already concerned that we'll be spending the midnight on the road.

The reservation officer was very accommodating and within few minutes, we are already in our room.

The room was cozy and well maintained. Our overnight spent at Holiday Inn was comfortable as if we are only sleeping in our own bed in our flat.

I especially love their bathroom. We do not have the usual free soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and requested the same from them and within minutes, it was sent to our room.

What I always love about spending the night in hotels, aside from the nice bed to sleep on, are the free breakfast and Holiday Inn made the morning of my birthday a treat!

I love this day. Thank you Holiday Inn. My 32nd Birthday was indeed a celebration. You deserve a Clap! Clap!

And of course, my look?

My purple off-shoulder blouse was paired with my pink Jacket.

My nude colored shoulder bag.

And my floral printed shoes.

Happy Birthday to Me, (Upps! I was born 6th January. This is a delayed post)

All the best,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dubai Marathon 2012

One of the things I miss back home were the sports activities that I get to join. Every now and then there are dragon boat races to participate, mountains to climb, pools to swim, places to bike. A very active living makes life easier and stress busted. I shouldn't be whining about this I know. Good thing, our company thought about monthly social activities organized by group of employees every month starting last January 2012. I never missed one. I went to each and every one of them. I may be able to blog about it soon. I will request premission first for the photos to upload so I can share it with you. For the meantime, one of our activities that I get to join is the Dubai Marathon. I love running, I feel rusty now. Can't run in Dubai as much as I wanted to. Seasons here are just too extreme. Summer and Winter. but when I get the chance I grab it and enjoy the running.

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2012 is one the most awaited event in the United Arab Emirates due to its popularity with the fame and fortune awaiting the lucky winners. I am proud to be a participant, just for fun, nothing more nothing less. 3 kilometers run was our company entry.

Before the race course.

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

After the event.

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

Just one more shot

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

The runners

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

The 3K finisher

Behind is the famous Burj Khalifa. This is our official run shirt, although from the top photos you have seen us in our orange company uniform

(Photo courtesy of Cleo Sabal)

I plan to join the next one 2013 for a 10K run.

All the best,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dubai Garden in SZR

Hey guys! Have you ever visited Dubai Garden in Sheikh Zayed Road? Most of us may not even heard about it. Especially in a place surrounded by deserts and sands. We may even think that the only plant that can survive in the Middle East are cactus. But no, Dubai is nothing but. Every season you will see different kinds and colors of flowers and plants. Although these are planted, they made sure every road has its colorful environment. Their Government is really taking care of their emirates.

Honestly, gardening never interest me. But having a nice medium size balcony, I think I may consider putting some flora to it. During one fine friday afternoon, yours truly and my family visited Dubai Garden location along SZR. It was an fun filled day, something that you might also find interesting.

This is the view of the garden. The place offers a lot of flowers and plants that you can plant on your own garden.

I took the photo from atop where the playground is located.

This is where you can leave your children while you are doing your shopping. But of course, never leave them unattended.

The garden was well-organized for easier plant shopping.

They even beautify the place with fountain and displays

If you are already tired and having a hard time choosing which plants to take home, they offer these resting areas outside.

But they also have a coffee shop inside where you can take time out and think. Dubai garden have other products like garden soil, seeds, pots and garden tools.

We now have few flowers in our little garden. Hopefully, I would be interested in taking care of them, but for now, my mame is doing the gardening. We plan to take care of some herbs later on. I would be giving you a separate post for different plants so you may have an idea on what to buy if you are also interested to take a plant home.

Go green and happy gardening.

All the best,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Different countries from all over the world

Have you ever got the chance to tour the world? Those people who has money to spare and travel from country to country are to envy for. Hahaha! I would love to do the same but was not lucky enough to see beautiful places aside from my home country, Singapore, where we had our honeymoon and my current residence in Dubai. Do I have to mention, Kish Iran and Khassab Oman? Where I had to exit during my change of visa days?

I am not losing hope - someday I would travel the places that I would love to visit. But for now, Global Village will do. Located in Dubailand, Emirates Road.

Entrance to Global Village

Ticket is AED 10.00 each.

This is where people of different nationality meet and gather together to enjoy the flavor of shopping, cultural entertainment and shows.

Global Village are collection of pavilions representing the different countries from all over the world like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they get to showcase their culture and products to tourists

Aside from enjoying the sights and scenes of the different countries, Global Village also have rides for the families to enjoy for a minimal amount.

Like this Ferris wheel which was so high that I didn't even dare think of riding it.

It is recommended to visit Global Village during winter to enjoy the cold air of the night and the lights and sounds of the place

When you visit Dubai, this is one of the places you should come and see


All the best.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something to look forward to for 2012

Happy New Year 2012, Everyone. That's the only sentence I could think of to start with this post. I really don't have much topic left and since this is the 1st day of 2012. I will keep it short and simple.

Few days before the year 2011 ends, I kept thinking of any New Year's resolution to start my year. But beside totally stop my little vices, No, I won't reveal it here, I couldn't think of any. I just thought that I would rather just let it be and if fate permits - then so be it. Maybe buy at least 1 item per month for me, like office attire or a nice shoes. Am I being to selfish? Anyway, as I said, if fate permits. Hahaha!

What I want to be more conscious about is seriously start saving. There might be again another major turn of event - as we plan to have another child this year. But this is remain to be seen as Bella will also start her schooling soon. Ohhh! I am getting overwhelmed now. I will just take it one at a time.

My wish? A new job offer or salary increase - what a good day to start the year, if one of these may come true.

One more thing - This may be a long shot but my dream is really for my blog to be recognize and be famous.Also, many more twitter followers to come.

All the best,