Saturday, January 29, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen in Dubai

We've been in the market yesterday to search for our tent to be use for our event this coming February.

It would be an overnight event at the desert and winter is not yet over so it would be cold out there. We are preparing for it to be a comfortable and an enjoyable night for all of us. I have been in desert safari once but this would be a different experience as we would be traveling the desert at night. Something freaky driving our in the dark with almost zero visibility? I don't know, I am yet to answer my own theory.

We decided to go to Mall of the Emirates to find the suitable tent for us. Just for this night. We were kindda planning to buy a high end tent like NorthFace. Something that we can use for our future climbs. Besides Far-ouT's old tent is a conjugal property of him and his bestfriend which was left behind in the latter's safe keeping. However, his plans change at the last minute so we decided to buy the cheapest one and save the the northface tent on a later shopping list.

Of course my stomach never failed to amaze me. We just arrive at the mall and yet, it was already starving. Good thing we chance upon California Pizza Kitchen. Actually, this will be my third time to dine in it. But the first and second time was when I was still in the Philippines, Greenbelt for both occasions.  

I just can't remember if the CPK's in the Philippines also have open kitchen like this, for obvious reason that they wanted their customers to know that they observe cleanliness.

Also, most of the servers were Aseans and they were very accommodating, in every sense of the word that is, they check on us more than the number of times that you wanted someone to disturb your quiet moment with your food. But anyway, we couldnt afford to be rude as they were really up to customer satisfaction.

The dining area was also a cozy place to stay.

a bar?


Of to our orders, they first served our drinks. Far-ouT had Maui Punch (Dhs 20.00), a combination of orange and pineapple juices with a splash of grenadine, served over ice.

While yours truly tasted their Strawberry Flavored Iced Tea (Dhs 12). I didn't quite enjoyed it at first because I didn't get to taste the fruit in it so I asked for sugar but was offered strawberry syrup instead that made the taste better.

For starter, we ordered Waldorf Chicken Salad (Dhs 33). A rendition of a NYC favorite. Field greens, chilled-grilled chicken breast, seedless grapes, green apples, candied walnuts, celery and Gorgonzola cheese, Tossed in Gorgonzola ranch dressing. We chose the half servings as it already good for two.

Everything was fresh. Gorgonzola cheese was a first but I didn't like it that much because of its sour taste but when you combined everything in one bite, it was not that bad at all especially with the candied walnuts.

We also ordered our pasta.

and of course the Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza (dhs 48) with fresh pineapple, BBQ chicken, Gouda and mozzarella cheeses, barbecue sauce, sliced red onions and cilantro. The barbecue sauce was sweeter than the last time I remembered it. So far, it was delicious. But I have to say I love the thin crust more than the thick ones as it was crunchie and taste just the way I like it.

I just love pineapple in Pizzas!

For dessert, their Chocolate Souffle made our dine in experience a delight.

It was a delicious chocolate souffle cake, served warm with triple-thick hot fudge on vanilla bean sauce. You have the choice to add Vanilla Ice Cream (Dhs 10.00)

All those foods expecting us to eat in one small plate.  I just can't get it with all those big servings. Oh, is pizza and pasta finger foods? hahaha! I guess not. Sorry I had to request one more of this.

There were still glitches on the taste unlike the CPK in the Philippines, nevertheless, we still totally enjoyed the food.

Dome Restaurant. The repeat

Our biggest expense so far every month is food. I love dining out. We do it every once in a while and today my favorite place to dine so far is Dome. Aside from the fact that it is delicious, it is also not so expensive unlike other restaurants.

Good thing that Dome is available in Dubai Mall, their location is a plus overlooking the Ice Skating rink.

The place has a cozy atmosphere as well. Just a relaxing environment

Here is what I had ordered.  My lemon mint (Dhs 15.50), a fresh lemon and mint frappe served with sugar syrup.

and for my dinner, Garlic Prawns (Dhs 65). Jumbo prawns sauteed in garlic and butter, served with plain rice and sauteed vegetables.

I so love this! I swear. The first time I tasted it, I just can't stop. The garlic and butter cooked just the way I want it. Veggies were crunchie, cooked just right.

Far-ouT had his Dome Club Sandwich (Dhs 34)

A sandwich lovers delight. Chicken mayonnaise, turkey, egg, tomato and lettuce pinned together on toasted white bread. Served with potato wedges.

Their big servings and taste of foods are all worth its price.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Scarves and Mufflers Birthday Party

We have been, for the longest time, searched every possible venue for the big event for January. Yours truly and 2 other flatmates have decided to celebrate our birthdays on the same day, not only to save us money but we wanted it to really be something. Something that we can post on our Facebook account. Haha! I initially suggested a Mardi Gras Celebration, however, lack of time prevented me to actually execute the entire theme. Besides, hotel apartments were fully booked for the whole month of January so that was another problem. I am saving the theme for another occasion in the future.

We drove around town to check out some places for the party and came across Pita Restaurant in Bur Dubai. The restaurant is kindda new, became operational only a few months back. When we entered the area, we were welcomed by a number of Filipinos eating. So we thought that the place may be a good party venue.

We were shown at the second floor of the restaurant that serves as their function room. We were surprised that the area was not at all bad. We were not expecting it to be something A-OK. I mean, nothing fancy for a restaurant but it was not bad either. Big area, a stage, disco lights, wash rooms and karaoke bar.

They also have packages that is friendly on the pocket. Once you avail of it, the function room is already free of charge. Balloon inclusive. They have agreed to arrange the table settings as well according to our theme. Isn't that a big catch already?! And so we decided to hold the party here. We only heard a few recommendations from friends but we kept our fingers crossed and go with the flow.

On the day of the party, we went already to check the place prior to the arrival of our guests. The table setting and the balloon set-up was not that impressive. The songs from the karaoke was not updated. But all in all, the look was fine. The set-up at the Buffet area was neatly done as well.

And the most important part of is all is the food! Everthing was deli! We all enjoyed it so much and the fillings were over flowing, we all had our share of packed lunch the following day.

The Buffet package that we have chosen is Dhs 40/head minimum of 30 pax, inclusive of water and sofdrinks. This consists of


Corn and Crab Soup

Green Salad


Grilled Chicken

Beef Kare-Kare

Sweet and Sour Fish

Buko Pandan

Highly recommended! Try it!.

And to make the celebration more enjoyable, we added a touch of glam on our party. Every one attending should wear muffler and scarf. It is a Scarves and Mufflers Birthday Party!

Yours truly is wearing black sleeveless top from Zara, Scarf and accessory by Iconic, Pants by Mango, Shoes by H&M, Bag by Aldo.

and the uber all look?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fujiyama, Japanese Food

I was never a fan of Japanese foods, especially sushi and maki but I love shrimp and their food has the shrimp teriyaki. During the Christmas holidays, we often roam around to search for items for exchange gifts and since Burjuman mall is just a walking distance. It is often the destination for buying stuff.

My flatmate and yours truly decided to get some food first before walking home again. I remembered that during my first few months of pregnancy, I was really having a hard time eating food that I will not vomit and one of them is shrimp tempura. I ate it almost everyday, my love affair with the food ended when I found myself vomiting it again.

And now, I am back in Fujiyama to revived by short-lived relationship with the japanese food.

Fujiyama. Japanese food at a very affordable price with big servings to appease my hungry stomach.

I also learned something out of it, the difference between Teppanyaki and Teriyaki which I didn't know and hadn't had time to check my bestfriend, google.

This is Chicken teriyaki and shrimp Tempura.

My flatmate ordered the Teppanyaki

Which I like better than what I ordered. But at least now I know the difference between the 2.

Pair it with these sauces and you will never go wrong with the taste.

Simply yummy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2011

Been trying my best to touch my blog for days now. But I don't seem to know what to blog. I think I run out of topic. I've been struggling to keep it updated and it end up idle again. I have nothing much on my mind lately to put in writing excepts for a few things that I bought from sale. I think I am my best with photos, a better view to describe it.

Yours truly received a gift certificate worth Dhs 50.00, that is about Php 500.00 something. I was being careful to use it for something worth buying for. I getting frustrated as I have no idea what to buy with it.

After several scanning store to store and considering few options, I finally found the best item that I've been wanting for sometime now. New pair of shoes. I have this crazy idea of actually owning a red stilletos but with trying a few ones, I changed my mind for the reason that I am not used to wearing even high heeled shoes so the best alternative that I came up with is a pump shoes from H&M. Cost around Dhs 100. Using the certificate plus around AED Dirhams, it was all mine.

I was so delighted when I laid my eyes on it, as I know its  "the one!" It was even the last pair available exactly my size! I was destined to own it.

So I wore it on the first available opportunity, Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 (DSF). The event started yesterday. It runs for a whole month, where you can find the big SALE sign on almost every store in Dubai. I was able to buy some few stuff but its rather frustrating to see those bags, shoes, accessories on SALE but don't have all the resources to buy them all. Safest way to prevent you from credit card debt is to stay at home and do online "window" shopping, exactly what I am doing right now.

Also, this is the first time that I was able to visit Iconic in City Centre, Deira. The store have a lot of stuff to offer. Far-ouT was able to buy some new clothes on sale as well which he needs as he was transferred from Customer Service Department to Sales.

I just can't resist to asked Far-ouT to take a picture of me with the mannequin on the bench with me wearing my high heeled pump shoes paired with my old jeans, Maldita white blouse and Diesel jacket. Bag was a gift from Far-ouT sometime back from Charles and Keith. I know I was not comfortable with the shoes but for the sake of wanting to be more girlee like just for this very day, I oblige.

On a different note, I am quite the multi tasker right at this very moment, writing blog, watching bella sleeping, monitoring our moving crew from an office job, reading blogs, and checking some great stuff on the internet that I wish I will have in this lifetime. I am not materialistic, mind you. I just want to possess things I can call my own, items that came from my hard work. But I am patiently waiting for my turn to get it, as we are still saving up for the upcoming reunion with my Bella.

My mom was telling me stories about my little girl. I don't know if it is normal for toddler her age to be such a brat. One thing, I don't like to happen to her was to have bad behavior like hitting other kids and adults. But recently, she's been pulling hairs, hitting, scratching other people then making a habit of kissing afterwards. It may seem sweet but still, hurting is not a good practice. I wish I was there to break those wrong ways. One more thing, Bella can speak only few words at 1 year and 7 monts. I hope she'll be able to have more words in the days to come. Her pedia assured that its fine until she reach 2 years old, otherwise, it would be better to take her to a specialist. But let us see, I hope everything is in line with her development.

I dont want to get excited this early but I will be anyway, only 2 more months and I will be able to kiss and hug my Bella again. I can't wait to be a mother again to my precious little Bella. I have this tiny apprehension that I don't want to entertain. Will I be able to take care of her even with a demanding job? Will there be someone who can take care of her when we are not available during the day? Will it be better for her to stay with us in a foreign country? Will she adapt to the environment and not be influence with other kids? Can we provide for all her needs. All these are some of the lingering feeling that I am scared of. I still want to instill good values that we Filipino have.

All these question will be answered once we take the plunge. We can do it. We will do it. Have faith.

Friday, January 7, 2011

True African Tribes

Then first 6 days of 2011 for me was nothing expectacular. The usual thing at work and the life after it. Why 6 days, you asked? Because 6th is my birthday. I am 31 years old. Yaiks! Not getting younger anymore. My mom told me that I am now a responsible mature woman with a caring husband and a cute baby. Isn't it sweet? I never really gave her problems while I was growing up. I was never a rebel child but I know I didn't missed anything while growing up either. I had some typical teenage stuff but I never did something that will scar myself for life.  If I was in trouble, I solved it on my own. Guess, I was trained to be independent, which I think, was a good thing. I learned on my own. Looking back, I realized how my decisions in life affected who I become and I am proud to say that I never really had a major downfall during my past 30 years of existence. Of course, there were moments of weakness but I was still able to stand up from it. I always thought that the life that I chose was the way that I wanted it to be. No regrets. I aged gracefully.

Anyway, to celebrate my birthday, Far-ouT was driving without me knowing where we were headed. I always let him decide when it comes to food adventure.

So, we went to Mall of the Emirates and dine in Tribes. From the name itself, their menu has been inspired by the amazing foods and flavors of Africa. Africa is an extremely diverse continent, with numerous tribes, who not only speak different languages, they also have different foods, which they prepare and serve to their family and friends with a lot of pride. There are a large number of outside influences which have enhanced the menus in Africa including the Spice Islands of the North, the French influences of the South, the Portuguese influences along the African coast and the Arabic flavors of the areas connected with the Middle East.

My Far-ouT took this photo with my phone camera, do you think he has a career on Photography? He always wanted to buy a DSLR (is that how you call it? I am not familiar with it so excuse me).

Let's start of with the service of tribe, as it was the first thing that I noticed. Everybody was very accomodating. Most of them were Africans (obviously). They were very personalized. The order taker was giving suggestions on their menu and even said that one drink that Far-ouT was choosing was not that good and gave another one. I appreciated that gesture. He also checked in on us, every once in a while just to see if we need anything.

We were given the menu. See how detailed it is and leave us for a while to think on what to order.

While waiting for our orders, we were given complimentary bread served hot

and crunchie.

The starters took time to be served but the wait was worthwhile as we were given a different taste of food.

This is our salad, this is what they call Rainbow (Dhs 35) from their list of Infino Salads. Crispy Iceberg lettuce, Cos lettuce, corn kernels, shavings of beetroot, carrot, fennel and red radish, with slices of fresh tomato, drizzled with wood apple dressing.

And this is Multi Tribal Sausage platter (Dhs 40). Grilled beef, chicken, camel and lamb sausages, served with onion and dried fig jam.

For our drinks, we both had Tribes' mocktails. Mine's their Special Tribe (Dhs 20), Fresh strawberries, Fresh limes, Brown Sugar, dash of Cranberry juice with crushed iced. Far-ouT's Aroma of Africa (Dhs 20) - Cinnamon Stick, Fresh Mint Leaves, Orange Juice, Lemonade

We were almost done with the 2 dishes when our main course arrived. I let my Far-ouT choose my course and it was a good choice.

Wagyu Blade - Need I say more? The beef was tender and juicy, cooked just the way I want it. Well, this also comes with a price, for 300g it cost Dhs 165. Nevertheless, this has been the most delicious steak I have ever tasted so far.

Far-ouT dish is also not so bad, fish of course, Snapper Fillet (Dhs 85). Baked fillet, served with grilled zucchini, cabbage, beef bacon, and potato cake and a tomato flavored prawn butter.

Our dine in experience with Tribe is really a blast, with true African music? Bob Marley is that you? The ambiance is also a sight as every detail is so much Africa!

This food trip really made my day.