Saturday, October 18, 2014

Am I a Hypochondriac?

My friend and I just had a conversation just a few hours ago, that I am so paranoid about being sick. You see, I am feeling a heavy pain in my chest a few week's back. So I had myself check. The doctor ordered x-ray and ECG and all my tests turned out to be normal. But I guess the Doctor felt I wasn't convince, so again ordered several tests for me just to ease my mind.  I again went to the hospital today, after they seek approval from my medical card. Today, they took blood from me to tests my Total T3, T4 , TSH, Na, K, CI (Please don't ask me what are those for...I have no idea) Then I went through 2D echo, where I could  hear the sound of my heartbeat.

and finally, the stress test, where they put sticky patches on me and made me run in a treadmill barefooted, they didn't tell me though when to stop and the rate just keeps on increasing. I wasn't prepared for it and I just lasted for 10 minutes.

After all the tests, the Doctor told me that all are normal. Except for the blood tests, I need to wait for 2 days to get the result.  I was relieved of course, only thing is that, I can't get this nagging feeling that it isn't. Then I thought of searching this psychological disorder just for the heck of it and come across Hypocondria, the excessive preoccupancy or worry about having a serious illness. I think I have a mild one. Nothing to be worried about. By the way, this is just a thought, that I now intend to forget. 

Anyway, I am just happy that all is well. Just waiting for the final result of all the tests and hope everything is alright. 

I just want to share, 1 funny photo of me after we left the hospital.

Someone left something on me. 

All the best,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Girl Scout of the Philippines in Dubai

I decided to have some time off today from work to make way for my mini-MEs scouting event.  Every year her school is organizing the scouting activity. From KG1, KG2 and now that she is in Grade school, a Star Scout.

I remembered the only time I joined such even is when I was in Grade 3, where I was still studying in a public school in our place. We stayed the whole day camping in our school grounds cooking rice and dishes for the day and setting up campfires. I had to admit that I didn't enjoy it much.  Maybe because I'd rather play then?

So what is really the meaning of being a Twinkler, Star Scout and Girls Scout? I believe its mission is to help girls and young women realize the ideals of womanhood and prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, and to the nation, and the world community.  

Do you think its beneficial to add this to our curriculum? Does it really serve its purpose? Its really difficult to say, depending on how you practice being one, but if you will like just stay in school grounds with mock campsites and all? Really? Or better yet why not improve on how school conduct the activities for their students? I watched one of the episodes of Sofia The First (one of mini-MEs favorite cartoons...and mine too) where the girl scouts who went into the forest and have first hand experience on how to survive and be independent in real life situation, that is the ideal activity. although, in my opinion, there may be other things that would be more appropriate trainings in preparing our kids for the future. But anyway, maybe its just me. 

Moving forward,  I just want to share with you some of the highlights of her event.

 All the best,

Friday, October 10, 2014

Title less entry

I can't really think of a title for this, its been a while since I blog, like ages ago! I'm really excited to start all over again. I visited my site from time to time and still able to see some of your comments, Thank you for still reading my entries. I guess this will be a start of a new beginning for me in the world of blogging. Hopefully I will still be able to keep it up and running in spite of my busy schedule.  Far-ouT is also on my case why I wasn't blogging anymore. Well, for one thing, my minnie me, for some reason, manage to spill water on our ASUS laptop and it short out, now typing on its own.  Since then, I have been relying on my Iphone5 which made it difficult for me to keep up with blogging.

My Far-ouT was generous to buy me my new laptop and not just another ASUS or HP one. Its one of A-List (number 28)...My very own, 13-inch  Macbook Air. I am still getting the hang of it so bear with my for a while.

I won't make this entry a long one. I just want my presence felt. I am so back! Hopefully a more informative and detailed entries.