Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coming Soon: A new topic for my blog

Ramadan is almost reaching its end. Our office timings will soon be back to normal. Although, I wasn't really able to enjoy the shortened working hours, I am sure sad that I will be away again for more than 8 hours from Bella. Anyway, what I needed was learn how to manage my time which have improve dramatically this past few months, as I am now learning how to handle my workload, I slip once in a while, staying more hours than what I wanted but still I am proud that I am already learning the ropes of my job. The important thing for me now is that I am working with the best people in my entire career that will not judge me for my failures but support me and help me through my challenges. There are still those who I wish were not there, but they are more manageable than the ones I have worked with before. They are the spices of my life, remember, without them, my life will be a bore. Hahaha!

I am thinking of adding a new topic for my blog and I am already excited to start it. I plan to launch it by September. It has something to do with my job. Something that I hope with be interesting. Anyway, I still have a few more days to plan how I can work it out. I may only be able to post it every Friday and Saturday night when the world is sleeping. I may need to stay a little late so I will be more effective in my writing. My critic has mentioned to me more than a few errors on my grammar and spelling in my blog writing so I make sure to read over and over until I am sure that most of the mistakes were corrected to the best of my ability. If there are still some that I missed, well criticism is most welcome. No, I won't be offended. I overcome my insecurities long time back, thank God, I will even be the first to laugh at my boo boo. Meantime, I still have few left behind entries that I will try to finish before month ends.

Going further, I am thinking of having a journal so I may take notes on my weekly blog post just so not to forget the details on it. how's that for a career?

I hope this new idea of mine will soar high, and hope someday, my blog with find its place in this world.

Assia In Wok: Exotic restaurant

Every restaurant has their own marketing strategy to attract customers, with millions of chains around. You better be good in promoting your business to people. I got curious with the name of this place. So once upon a social gathering with friends, I have tried to wooed them into this place and succeed. It was a first for me but also the last. Though their name is eye-catching, the food that they get to offer, did not really impressed me or should I say, nothing was special?

I must admit that this style is nice and inviting

This is Beef sirloin and teriyaki (Dhs 58.00). Beef sirloin, marinated stir-fried with asparagus, baby corn, chinese cabbage, pok choi, shitake mushroom, and intense Japanese sauce.  I didn't enjoy it that much, nothing Juicy about the beef, not tender enough. I wasn't able to enjoy my ordered Jasmin rice (Dhs 10.00) because of this. I was recently had toothache and this added to my frustration.

Below were the other ones that we have ordered.

This is their Yakigyoza. Light weight pastry stuffed with chicken, vegetable, spring onion, and seasoning.

Their Dimsum selection (Dhs 29). I tried them all, but only liked 1 from the four. The rest were so, so.

Sea food fried rice (Dhs 42.) Combination of fried rice, with prawn, and fish, egg, and vegetable, with spring onion toppings.

Sorry for the lack of details, I wasn't in the mood anymore to go futher. Nothing so spectacular. Quite not what I was expecting. but in fairness, the place was nice enough for a few good shots.

No. Not coming back.

Buongiorno Cafe

Just right after I typed the title of this post, I immediately search for the meaning of the word "buongiorno," thank goodness my ever reliable google has enlightened me as I do not want to end the blog and still don't know the meaning of the word. On how to pronouce it? We'll get there someday, for now what's important is that I now know the meaning. Buon giorno means hello or good day in Italian.

I have no idea why they named the restaurant this as most of their menu are Filipino dishes. That's kindda disappointing. Why not name it Kamusta? Magandang araw? Hmm, I think I have a pretty good idea now. Haha! Just kidding. Anyway, I was really impressed the first time tasted their foods, really something to be proud of, if the owners were really Filipinos. I've been to their old location twice already and then suddenly, they just disappear and no where to be found. Far-ouT and yours truly even drive around Karama area just to look for their new location but failed. By the way, thanks for posting at least a location map of your new place. 

Anyway, I totally forget about them and then suddenly they just appear in front of me! Creepy. Kabute ba tawag dun? I think we should just call it fate. We were about to go to Burjuman Centre to dine at that time when all of a sudden I saw their signage. I overreacted and was like Far! Far! yung Buongiorno! Ekkk, OA alert. And Burjuman was forgotten. I was starving already so we headed straight to the alloted parking space and eat to my heart's content.

Before, I move on to this reunion with their food, I noticed that their current location was way better and bigger.

With Elegantly looking tables and chairs

Very nice set-up

And cozy lightings.

Just a No! No! for fake flowers please!

A lot has change to this place really. They improve on their overall look. But some things never change, the people were the same friendly staff . They have good customer service, without this, which some restaurant failed in this area, will bound to fail. But Buongiorno, kept their good people. I was even suspecting that the two most accommodating people there were the owners. No wonder they succeeded tremendously. Oh, and that Karaoke and satellite channels are still there! For your pleasure and afterwork relaxation

At the back of my mind, I was also hoping that they'd maintained the quality and taste of their food. And I was not disappointed. I totally enjoyed everything.

Moving forward, we have ordered the ones that I super love from their menu:


Rellenong Bangus

I was so full, I totally enjoyed my food. I also got to taste Far-ouT's tapsilog, yummy

Should you want to visit their place, they are opposite Burjuman Centre, Shop #2, Al Zarooni Bldg., (between Avenue and Pizza Hut), Here is their map for easy finding

They are also cater for parties and deliver. Tel. no. 04-357 0300.

Truly another gastronomical binge. Till we meet again. Buon giorno!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Vintage Are You?

Lately, I have been looking at vintage colors and seeing a lot of it. Guess its the return of Vintage afterall. From vintage clothing, to vintage furniture, to vintage art, accessories and more, the past is just creeping back into the present.

Far-ouT and yours truly went to this Sale event in Trade Center to just look around. But yours truly just got lucky this time and was able to find this cute vintage colored wallet from Fossil.

Love the color palettes


a lot of pocket on the inside

and the size is just perfect for a wallet and casual clutch.

Now I want that pair of shoes even more. 

My Far-ouT is...

- Funny when he tries to be
- Thoughtful, but not sweet and never attempts to be
- Makes me laugh sometimes, makes me irritated when he just can't answer without frowning his face
- Only made me cry less than 5 times - because I am not a crybaby at all
- Surprised me once, when he lighted candles in the room - to make it smell nice - nothing romantic
- Simple man
- Is a faithful husband
- I am seeing that he will be a good father when I die first, that's means I can leave my children with him - But I rather leave them with my mom instead
- Says I love you everyday without much enthusiasm
- He never said he can't live without me, which is OK, because I also can live without him - I just don't want to - yet.
- He raise his voice to me but smart enough to keep quiet when I raise mine
- Never gives me compliments but admitted once that I'm a total package
- Never jealous, or tries not to show it to me
- Cooks better than me, let me rephase that, more domesticated than I am that makes me proud to be his wife
- A good man
- He readily accepts my apology when I've hurt him, but he rarely say sorry - just acts as if nothing happened
- He doesn't know how to support me and comforts me when I am lonely or feeling down.
- When I tell him something is painful, he will just say - "go to the doctor" or "drink medicine"
- Never makes me feel loved nor special
- Never makes me feel important or his priority

Top reasons why we may break up
  1. Neglecting your partner's feeling is a really hurtful thing that can cause a breakup, and in fact does a lot of the time and it really hurts when they're never considered by the  person whom the love the lost. Always listen to yout partnerand be considerate of how she feels.
  2. Allowing a relationship to get boring and stale is perhaps one of the most tragic ways that once can end, as its pretty much just a case of so little going on that  a person doesn't care anymore. Lack of spontanaeity and "spice" is a relationship's enmey. (Article Source:

- My boyfriend of 5 and husband of 3. I am giving us 2 more years to make it equal, if I can still make it till then - good luck to me.

"I know He is not perfect. Never have been. Never will be. But damn, I should have known better