Friday, July 5, 2013

The China Times

I want to share with you the latest food trip that I have discovered recently while doing window shopping in DDC. The first that will caught your attention is the middle table where you can choose a wide selection of maki.

Then the colorful seats

and those hanging colorful lights

The table setting has a nice touch of purple flowers

Then mini ME loves them

The next best thing was the food!

This is their seafood soup (AED 26).

 China Times Fried rice with egg (AED 37)

Wok braised beef cube in honey soy sauce with sesame seeds (AED 42)

Special Crispy duck served with plum sauce (AED 55)

The foods was really delicious at China Times.
So the next time my friend and I went for shopping the following day, I ended up bringing her to the same place.

We ordered the crab stick salad - these are shredded crab meat with mayonnaise and shredded cucumber

The China Times whole special roasted chicken (AED 49)

and again the, China Times Fried rice with egg (AED 37)

Sorry, I need to post this as well. Although its OOT.

Happy eating, all the best.