Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gymboree enrollment rates

As I have mentioned on my earlier post. I wanted Gymboree information on a different note to be able to give more emphasis on the details given to me.

Yours truly went to Makati to check the gymboree branch and inquire on their schedules and fees. But prior to that, I went to Powerbooks to browse books for Bella. I had a great find which cost me only Php 200.00.

  • Especially crafted for children of preschool age
  • The definitive introductory book to the alphabet
  • Large-font letters in capital and lowercase
  • Colorful visual representation of each letter
  • Familiar and child-friendly illustrations for better comsrehension of the alphabet
  • Practive writing activity for motor skill development
  • Insight to letter-object association
  • Handy with glossy finish
My Bella is not into books as yet but as early as now, I wanted to expose her to learning. I hope she'll be able to appreciate it in her own time.

Anyway, Gymboree is located at the lowel ground of Greenbelt 5. The area was big and spacious with colorful toys and other play stuff pleasing to the eyes which I am sure, my Bella will enjoy ransacking. According to the teacher I spoke with (I just assume she is one), my bella may already be in the Level 4 which is suitable for 16 to 22 months of age. They are called the problem solver, the age that figures out how the world works

They have different classes to choose from

Play and Learn Class 4
Figure out how the world works and become a compentent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences.

Music Class 2 (16 to 36 months)
Dance and sing to a new musical style each month including Latin, Rock 'n' Roll, Classical and more.

ARTS 1 (18 to 24 months)
Discover art hands-on through sculpture, painting, story time, tactile table and more

Global Kids (16 t 60 months)
Let your child explore different cultures as we pretend to go a-travelling around the world each week.

I wanted to see first how it works and should Bella really enjoy being in a class I am planning to enroll her on Play and Learn class which is suitable for toddler her age.

The schedule for Play and Learn L4 is

3PM Wednesday
12NN Thursday
1PM Saturday

The weekend class was full already with 8 kids but I requested the teacher to squeeze Bella in on Saturday for a trial class as I wanted a crowd for Bella which would probably be more enjoyable experience for her. Trial class is Php 500 that will be deducted once you enroll you child.

Also, to be able to enroll your child, you need to be a member.

Annual membership is Php 1,800 that includes 5 gymplay coupons
Lifetime membership is Php 3,600 that includes 10 gymplay coupons. This membership will expire on your child's 5th birthday

on top of enrollment rates:

                 1X/WK   2X/WK    3X/WK    4X/WK    5X/WK    6X/WK
4 weeks    3200       5800          8000        10000       11600       12800
8 weeks    5800      10400        14500      18000        20900       23200
12 weeks  7900      14400        19800      24500        29500       31600
24 weeks  14400    26000        36000      44700        51900       57600
48 weeks  25800    46500        64000      80000        92900      103200

You may also use Gymplay

Member : 1hr - Php 260
              : 2 hrs - Php 440

Non-Member: 1HR Php 320
                     : 2 HRS Php 550

I can't wait for Saturday to come to see how Bella will do with other kids. I hope she'll learn a lot of things on this new adventure and at the same time enjoy every minute of it.

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