Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Party Invitation

After so many ideas in mind, finally I was able to incorporate everything in one piece. With the help of Bella's Ninong Barry, an invites was made.

However, to make it less of a hassle, instead of the usual hard copy, we are planning to send everything via e-mail to all Bella's guests. I also plan to attach a location map and direction going to the venue for easy access. To make sure guests will be able to check it out on their e-mails, I will SMS every guest with this message "Bella has sent you an e-mail, please see and let us know. - Tatay and Nanay." It was a breeze, less expenses too. Ging was requesting a copy though for photo purposes. Of course.

By the way, I post this blag! late on purpose as I do not want to reveal the details prior to the party.