Friday, November 25, 2011

A Basic Pampering Need

Before I availed my cobone deal for just Dhs 199 (value of Dhs 700), I want to share with you my first ever use of group buying via online, which was a little risky for credit card users but so far, so good for me. I used it for a not so expensive deal, just so not to cry over spilled milk if ever I experience a not-so-good incident for a first time user like me.

Anyway, I bought a 75 minute Dermalogical Facial Treatment for Dhs 119 instead of Dhs 275 at Catwalk Ladies Salon from groupon.

The facial was really a blast! It was relaxing and definitely a good deal.  The place was clean and well lit. The receiving area was inviting and the person I speak with on the phone to arrange for my appointment was very accommodating something missing from the the call I gave to Metropolitan Hotel

Catwalk Ladies Salon is well equipped as well

This is where the facial was done. The person was very nice and well experienced, she even gave me tips on how to care for my skin and hair.

Did you know that we should pay particular care on the linings of our hair on the forehead? Otherwise, pimples will start to envade your precious forehead, just like mine. So she recommended that I cleanse my hair with shampoo, cleaning the said part and not put on too much conditioner on it as it is also the caused of pimple breakouts.

I highly recommend their Dermatological Facial which is a basic pampering need, I am a satisfied customer of this service. Its suitable for all skin type that tends to cleanse, exfoliate, tighten, tone and refresh your skin.

Catwalk is located at Shop 18, Hasher Hamad Bldg., Oud Metha, near Lamcy Plaza. You may book your appointment at +9714 3577422.

All the best,

Moroccan Bath. Let's!

I'm curious for the longest time how Moroccan bath works, I was offered a few times to try the service but not until I got a good deal from cobone that I was able to experience it. The package that I had comes with Moroccan bath, full body massage, full body scrub, dead sea facial and hot oil treatment. It was a steal, but not until I was in to experience the offer. 

Moroccan Bath "It's an intense cleansing and exfoliating massage, which takes one-and- -half-hours to complete, The deep cleansing begins using traditional Moroccan Black cleansing soap, which quickly penetrates the skin breaking up any dead skin cells that accumulate on our bodies over time. A scalp mask is also applied and then the room fills up with steam and relaxed for about twenty minutes to let my skin soften for the exfoliating."

It was an amazing experience to try it for the first time, I could really feel the effect on my skin. I thought that "once a week exfoliating would be enough to remove the dirt and dead skin but when I saw the deep seated dirt visible on my skin, I was like "ewww!" Were these really come out from my skin? But it wasn't comfortable at all. I was conscious the whole time while the procedure was being done.

The Filipina asked me which I preferred first, the Body Massage or the Moroccan bath, I chose the latter. First, because, I have not taken my bath yet I know, right?, and second I do not want to have the bath after the massage which based from previous masseuse, it is not advisable taking a bath after a massage as it will not be good for your body and as per the sayings of our senior citizens aka "matatanda," the "lamig" will go inside our body. I was then led to my own room where I kept my belongings and was requested to remove all my clothes, wear a disposable shorts and was led to the bathroom, which was dark and hot. I was asked to lay down on the bed like area, naked. The lady then started to shower me, then rub me the nice smelling soap, "the black cleansing soap" probably. Then she started the full body scrub. She also did the hot oil treatment.

After the procedure, I feel refresh and my skin was soft and smooth. I was led back to my room for the massage and the dead-sea facial treatment. I know I made the right choice to have the Moroccan bath first because the lady uses lotion instead of massage oil. I felt relax while the massage was on going. The facial was a disappointment for me, as it was only a facial mask and not exactly what I was expecting, it was even a little itchy on my face. I was irritated because the lady didn't remove well the mask she put on my face and didn't even bother to tell me that I had white marks on the face not until one of her colleagues told me so when I was already outside the room! Imagine the embarrassment.

All the services that I got was from Metropolitan Hotel Dubai, SZR.

The services that they offer were

Moroccan Bath Dhs 150 (45 min)
Hot stone treatment Dhs 200 (1 hour)
Thai massage Dhs 200 (1 hour)
Foot spa Dhs 100 (45 min)
Foot massage Dhs 100 (45 min)
Head & shoulder Dhs 100 (45 min)
Facial mud mask Dhs 150
Full body mud mask Dhs 250
Manicure Dhs 60
Pedicure Dhs 60

You may call them at +9714 343 00 00 ext. 6706 // +9714 407 67 06 // +97150 155 65 49. They are open daily from 8:00AM until 12MN.

I don't highly recommend them as they fall short on my expectation for a hotel but nevertheless, after all the services were done, I came out of my room feeling renewed and stress free. It's really nice to pamper yourself once in a while.

All the best,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The end of my HP laptop

I'm literally technology free for almost a month with the exception of my Blackberry where I could still access my Twitter and Facebook. It was a frustration not to be able to post entries on my blog. Our laptop for 3 years gave up on us. Not exactly the ideal time as we just moved in on our new flat. Expenses just keep on pouring in. Just as what the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

We still tried to save it though, temporarily, asking opinions from several friends who knows something about computers. Judging from all the information we gather, and we sum it all up, we always end up to one conclusion, give it a rest.

Its motherboard is still working. The keyboard works as well, but the screen just went blank. It may have something to do with the monitor. We also heard from other HP users, that their HP laptops has similar problem. The monitor will just go blank after several years of use, we had it quoted for repair but the cost would be almost half of a brand new one with a lifespan of only a year more so we decided to just buy a new one. No, not HP anymore.

This is a tribute to our HP laptop, you served us well for 3 years but not long enough for us to be satisfied with your service. For the benefit of future users, please rectify the problems with your laptops. But still Thank you.

We were advised that brands like Sony Vaio and Asus are goods buys, we bought the latter.

Here is our latest gadget, ASUS

Cheers to you! Please live more than 3 years.

All the best,