Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rubber Duckie and Froggie name tags

Bella's ever reliable Ninong Barry does it again. Barry has always been there ready to lend his helping hands...literally. His prowess when it comes to making my designs possible is such a breeze. From our wedding invitation, to Bella's Christening invitation and now again, just a text away.

I have given him the designs that I wanted for Bella's birthday. This is just one of his works

Froggie name tags for the boys

and rubber duckies for the girls

I may also include this for additional treats to the loot bags. Just perfect!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Joy San Gabriel

Joy San Gabriel was one of my favorite suppliers during my wedding. Until now, I am still bragging on how my cake looks and taste good.

Now, for Bella's birthday party, why would I want to have another supplier. With her cakes simplicity. Elegance. taste.

This is what I wanted it to be

and here's her cute drawing for me during our meeting.

Excited to see the final design on Bella's birthday.

Yanple Party Shop

I have inquired several party shop supplier for the last couple of months to check the most affordable yet will not compromise quality of service. Some failed me on replies, others, well I just don't think we'll click, especially those I would feel are more concerns on money rather than giving good service. I know that business is business but it also should have a personal touch.

Apple of Yanple was my previous supplier during Bella's christening. I have not met her yet, but she delivered well. I was even surprised to see how she made the dull place look festive and still able to work with the budget I gave her. She replies promptly as well.

I got her balloon package, ice cream cart, and the bubble machine. I was also able to get a host through her.

I hope I'll be able to meet her this time, if not, I know she will not fail me the second time around anyway.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The best thing to do on Mother's day is being a mother. Since Bella's birthday bash is mom and I decided to be the loving lola and mother to our bubbly bells and the decided to spend it buying the stuff for the loot bag

Of course, how can a bubble bath be a delight without the rubber duckies and rubber froggie.

Bubbles that kids will surely enjoy...

Why not add sponge bob face towel for more fun and something to use for the wet ones

a loofa scrubby

and a little baggie

A perfect way, to end a perfect party

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Verleo as Caterer

After several food tastings with different caterers, I have finally found the one to handle my Bella bells birthday Foodies! I was able to taste their food, when my now AE, Rio, invited me to get my food samples at North East Greenhills. and yes, I liked it. My mom, with her very sensitive taste bud, approved of it as well. To cut the long story short, we will be having the following viand


Rice: Plain Rice
Pasta: Baked Macaroni
Chicken: Roast Chicken
Fish: Crunchy Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce
Vegetable: Fresh Lumpia (wrapped on the spot)
Dessert: Salad Bar
Dessert: Mango Crepe
Drinks: Ice Tea (2 rounds)

**Prices inclusive of Elegant buffet Set-up / Complete catering equipment / 3 uniform waiters/ mineral water and ice cubes / 5 tables with linen cloth / monoblock chairs

The package that I got excludes seat cover, so I had to add few bucks for it. Also, I will be getting Lechon (Elar's) from them to lessen my suppliers


Pasta: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Chicken: Chicken Drumstick
Pork: Hotdog with Mallows
Dessert: Choco Cupcake with Sprinkles
Drinks: Ice Tea (2 rounds)

**Prices inclusive of Buffet Set-up / Complete Catering Equipment / Waiters in uniform/ Mineral Water and Ice Cubes / 5 Tables with linen cloth / Monoblock Chairs / Kiddie sets

Instead of their usual Flower Centerpiece, I've only requested them to provide me with empty Fish Bowl pot on every table, I will take care of the rest of the details, and goblets for chocolates.

I'm excited to have Verleo as my caterer this time as I've heard nothing but raves and good reviews. I hope they'll perform well too in my event.