Saturday, March 20, 2010

Foot for the Gods

Intriguing name right? And so I was intrigued. Foot for the Gods is located at the 5/F of Megamall, For Php 480.00 treat yourself to a drowsing foot with back massage. I wasn't able to get a good shot of the place since it was very dark inside with nothing but recliners and some snoring customers. The treatment was nothing impressive, the masseuse will lead you to their huge lavatory and cleanse your feet. Then let you sit in their recliners. I avail of the foot with back massage for Php 480.00, I was disappointed with the latter service though. It was uncomfortable as I was massage on the same recliner with nothing to rest on. It only lasted for about 15 minutes, thank God.

Then the foot massage started...well...I can't tell you much about it since, the next thing I know, I was awake. So it was the most relaxing foot spa I have ever tried. I just don't recommend the back massage.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Body Delight Spa

It is always refreshing to end the week with a body massage. To find a spa with the cheapest rate without compromising the service is even better. My mom and I went to St. Luke’s for a check-up using my medicard, but that’s another story. It was not a pleasant experience after all so I’d rather not tell it.
Anyway, right after our lunch, I decided to have a massage at the nearest spa, just across the hospital. Body Delight. The price was really tempting for a full body massage of only Php 199.00. I was of course hesitant, with that price, you’ll never know what you gonna get.

Upon entering, the place itself was relaxing, not minding the receptionist who was not that customer oriented. I again confirmed the price. Php 199.00 for a full body massage? Yes, she said, for the regular massage. And so I thought. They use regular oil for the massage, but if you want aroma massage, they’ll use eucalyptus hot oil for additional Php50.00. Does it already include sauna or steam bath? No. Alright, that is additional Php 50.00 again. For a total of Php 300.00? Not bad.

The masseuse led me to their upstairs room to change my clothes to a towel and robe for a shower. The room was a regular bathroom, nothing fancy. She again led me back downstairs for the sauna. It was small, good thing I was the only customer at that time so it was all mine. It was a good 15-minute sauna.
The place was tent like place with bamboo curtains. Space was spacious with high ceiling, private enough for a massage. They were nice to offer my mom a bed even without any service.

I was treated to a one-hour of Shiatsu and Swedish combination. I so love it. The eucalyptus hot oil added to relax my aching muscles and mind. It was really an experience. I gave a tip of Php 100 to my masseuse for a good service. Definitely worth coming back for.