Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wedding Requirements

175 days till our wedding. Most of our major suppliers were already booked, DP were paid, and schedule for the meeting were set. I got one more month (December) to make some more searching for the shorlisted candidates for the remaining vendors that doesn’t need much work.

Santuario de San Jose. The wedding ceremony will be held at this church. You may check the location of this church at my previous blog. I have not encountered any problems yet since my mom made the deposit to block the date. Our date being a Sunday was not a problem after all, luckily when she made the reservation, 2 PM slot was still available, immediately, i told her to have it pencil booked and visit the church. I even told her several times to ask how to go about the pre-cana and canonical interview since both of us is out of the country. We’re flying home is coming January and that’s the only time we could arrange the requirements. Hassle free as of this date.

These are the requirements that we need to accomplish this coming January:

Baptismal Certificate – recently issued with annotation “FREE TO MARRY or FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSE. Please present this upon reservation. This is valid for 6 months only.

“We planned to ask favors from our family to get this for us before coming home so we don’t need to wait for the release. December is the best time, enough time for the 6 months validity until our wedding day.”

Confirmation Certificate – Our moms cannot remember if we had our confirmation when we were kids. So we plan to have it done also this coming January. I have no idea how to go about it. Luckily, my ever reliable sissies at W@W posted one with regards to this. “San Miguel church, the one near Gate 2 of MalacaƱang are holding “Mass” Confirmation every Sunday. We need to be there betweein 9:00 to 9:30, so we can attend a seminar/pre-confirmation before the actual administration of the sacrament. You may also check the schedule at 7351611 or 7341271. You will get the Certificate on the same day. Bring with you the following requirements:

  • baptismal certificate or photocopy of it

  • 1 ninong/ninang

  • 600 pesos confirmation fee
Publication of Wedding Banns – for 3 consecutive Sundays in the parish of bride and groom. WRITTEN PERMISSION from the parish of the bride
Marriage License is usually obtained in the city hall of either the bride or groom. Choose the city hall that is most convenient for you.

I asked h2b where he preferred to get this…well of course Manila City Hall”


  • Original and Photocopy of our Valid IDs with Manila address

  • Original Birth certificate issued by NSO

  • Original CENOMAR issued by NSO

  • Seminar (9-10 a.m. / 1:30-2:30p.m. daily)

  • fee of 120.00
Release of license is 10 working days after submission of complete requirements

*Note: Be sure NOT to sign beforehand the document that will be asked of you to sign.

You need to SIGN the document IN FRONT OF THE CLERK who will ask you to swear that the information printed are true. If you accidentally sign it, you will be asked to buy another form again. Validity of marriage license is 3 months

CENOMAR of bride/groom –>validity is about 6 mos. This is obtained at the NSO and costs 180Php each. Around 10-14 days waiting time before you can claim. You may also call the NSO Helpline Plus 7371111 to obtain it thru phone.

Canonical Interview of the bride and groom by a priest of Sanctuario de San Jose at least a month prior to the wedding date. Kindly coordinate with the parish office regarding the schedule.

Spiritual Preparations The couple is required to attend a Catholic Pre-Cana seminar regularly held in this parish. Should the couple decide to avail of it outside of this parish, they are required to submit a certificate of attendance. They are also required to go CONFESSION prior to the wedding day.

Additional information on the next blog…

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