Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pregnancy woes

It’s been quite a while since my last blog. If I remember it correctly, I was so damn sad that I was not pregnant then. I was disappointed that the red flag was up. I promised myself not to hope too much too soon. I don’t want to put pressure on pregnancy. I believe that if it will happen, it will. After a month, viola! That was quite fast! Our little bella (100% girl! According to our OB) started to emerge. The first time I heard over the phone that the blood test was positive and that I was really pregnant, I cried and laugh and cried! Finally! The blessing that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. From then on, I’m already starting to love my baby inside.

It was an easy one at first. Nothing of the pregnancy signs…but when I reached my 2nd month, gosh! Everything was starting to be a hassle (baby, the hassle is not you, my darling. It’s just the pregnancy itself) I throw up all the time, I was getting so weak that I can’t even drink water. There was also a time that they needed to put IV on me since I was not getting any nutrients at all. There were moments of breakdown already as I was worried about the health of my baby. This lasted for as long as I remember. But now, I am starting to enjoy my pregnancy. By belly is now huge! 6 months on the way and should be reaching my 7th month any time soon.

There are happenings in our lives that change a lot of things. Though, we’ve be contented with our existence, there are times that we had to make decisions not only for ourselves but for those people we love. We have to make sacrifices and give up some good stuff. Though we are quite enjoying the lifestyle we have right now, both working and all, we’ve decided to separate for a while. Someone has to go back home and take care of our little Bella once we set our eyes on her.

The time has come for me to fly back home awaiting her arrival. And Few days from now, I’ll be leaving the place that became my haven for 3 years. Leaving away from home was hard at first but then again it also been a place of learning, of meeting people, and of gaining new friends. I will surely be missing the laughters, the tears, the disagreement and fights. We may not cross path, as life goes on, but then again memories will live on.

Goodbye is not the right word. Some will forget, some will remember and some will keep in touch. For now, Thank you, for being a part of my so called life. And see you someday…Take care!

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