Saturday, February 2, 2013

From New Month to Love Month

Goodbye New Month. Hello Love Month. I have no idea why I had this big smile on my face at the time of this writing. I am never the person who gets excited that much. Maybe because I just had a big gulp of red wine right at this very moment. January was a, let say, exciting month. Of course, I turned 33 years old this year, I got my wish - Instagram account, which is really awesome. I had my second Dubai Marathon 3K run. I didn't do good compared to last year, almost 30 minutes - no training at all but at least I was still able to finish without stopping. Its slowly but surely. 
We had a unexpected visitors in the office and made quite a commotion but nothing serious until the last few days of the last month. Last 31 January, I read my Chinese horoscope and I didn't like it. I know, it absurd but I was affected by the negativity of how my 2013 would be. I intend to be positive about this year and just focus on my motivation. Haha! That word. Speaking of that, we had our yearly TMS as well where our performance get to be reviewed, unfortunately my favorite boss chose me to be his first victim (kidding!) and I just got the jaw dropping question of all time - What motivates you?

I didn't realized I have none. That made a big impact in my life. Although I know I help with our family finances, still, is that it? Now, I plan to have a motivation. I'm getting there but not today.
So OK that Chinese Horoscope was the bad news of the day. But I wasn't aware I will receive 2 more. We didn't get the extra bonus. The other one was confidential but its the most shocking news of my whole working career. Sorry, I can't go into details. I tried not to connect these news to my horoscope but I shouldn't have read that. really.

Before I end January, let me share Lamesa in Asiana Hotel - where we had our dinner on the night of my birthday.

Our table

We had our buffet food only (AED 89) but you may choose unlimited soft drinks (AED 109) and the bomb would be unlimited soft drinks and unlimited alcoholic beverage (AED159)
Most of what they can offer is Filipino dishes especially what we all love to eat.
Here are some of there menu


The food was good but I wasn't really impressed at all. If I will be ask for recommendation, I won't mention Lamesa. Sorry.

I love CoCos more

Going forward, its February but nothing is happening yet for me except that I got a new running shoes! Yey! I feel motivated to run again.

Its Adidas climacool. Ridiculously light and ideal for running.

Hopefully, I will be doing my next big thing. I will tell you more about it at the right time.

All the best.

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