Saturday, January 30, 2016

Clinton St. Baking Company

I guess this will be my last post for the New Year and to end the first month of the Year 2016, I will still talk about food. My friend and I decided to make our breakfast date a regular  basis. Something to look forward to every first Friday of every  month.

And to start of, we choose Clinton St Baking Company. We dine at Downtown Dubai location on the first day of January 2016.The place is open from 8:00 AM till 11:00 PM, serving breakfast day and night, seven days a week.  Isn't that amazing? Imagine waking up early for breakfast after sleeping late the night before to welcome the New Year. It was a great morning  actually. A fresh start. New beginning.

I had a hard time choosing from their menu and finally settled to Farmer's Plate. With their soft scrambled eggs, chicken apple sauce sausage, farmhouse cheese, herb roasted tomatoes, watercress, and sourdough toast.

It took me sometime to follow-up this mail, I got busy. Moving forward, we ordered New York magazine's best blueberry pancake, although instead of the blueberry, we chose the chocolate chunks.

Definitely, the pancake is a must try.

What I also love about the place is their refillable brewed coffee

Coming back soon, I hope.

All the best,

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