Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Travel Jinx

You won't believe what I've gone through the whole day! I woke up this morning...feeling that this will be just another normal day for me...that was before I slipped after going to the bathroom...and hit my right arm on the chair...Ouch! And then my boyfriend was inviting me to spend the whole day with him...which was what I really wanted to do...Unfortunately, I have set some appointments in the office that I couldn't cancel. How sad! Ok, so before I left the house for office, the rain just started to pour big time, without much choice, I came running through it! Before I could reach the long end of our street, my shoes were already soaked from the rain. And the passenger jeep I chose was so damn bull! Stopping at every corner to get passengers even if there is no more vacant seat! Alright, a few long minutes of traveling, here comes the traffic at Guadalupe! Darn! This is getting into my nerves!

After that, it all came smoothly! I had my sit inside MRT and I was so at peace...and then suddenly...I came into my senses...already far from Cubao Station (place where I suppose to be!) Now I have to wait until GMA-Kamuning station to go back to Cubao! When I was crossing the overpass...I almost slide going down the stairs! This is too much to handle...This is becoming so frustrating...but you know, I’m not the type of person who gives up easily so...I continued this challenge I was up against...I was already perspiring from all the hassles I've gone through and all I want was a nice ride in an FX taxi...So there you are...The driver of the vehicle was like my knight in shining armor! Whew! At last? Guess not! I thought that was the end of it all until we were stopped by a policeman for beating the red light! What a loser! Now all I want was to go straight home...I was already fixing my things to give-up...when suddenly, its done...We were allowed to go...Hmm... and of course we know what transpired between the driver and the police officer...And then, yes! I finally made it! I already swipe my ID...I’m late of course...but it was a fulfilling tardiness! Warning you all! Don’t get near me today...just today! Tomorrow will be a different day...I hope!

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