Sunday, November 25, 2007

Earth Colors

We’ve finally decided on what colors to use. After several change of minds, I asked Far-ouT what is his favorite colors. He mentioned few red, gray, black, blue, yellow…YELLOW! He requested for light ones though, I too do not approve of dark colors. I particularly like ORANGE. We settled for earth colors. The right shades of it will compliment the outdoor theme. We will carefully choose the color for the invites, the entourage dresses, up to the littlest details in the reception. We want to show a little of nature that we love…so I surf the ever reliable net and found these few info about it…

aLL aBouT CoLoRs

…to Terra-fic, the fanlisting for Earth Colours. Earth colours are defined as any naturally occuring pigment. They range from brilliant burnt reds as seen on trees during the fall, to deep browns like the soils of the earth. Various shades of brown and muted shades of red, orange, yellow and green can all be considered earth colours. If you are a fan of these gorgeous shades of colour, you are definitely welcome to join. Earth colours can be found all over the world, everywhere you look in various shades of brown and muted shades of red, orange, yellow and green. Earth colors have even been on artists’ palettes for thousands of years. The Art Glossary describes Earth Colours as colours made with naturally occurring pigments, such as umbers, ochres, and siennas, rather than laboratory-produced (’chemical’) pigments. this colors represents protection, security, stability, the person’s sense of safety. It influences calm and peace that enables the person to be in tuned with the body’s messages to promote balance and health.

Earth colors are muted and not clear or bright. The vibrant summery color palette included coral pink, light pink, golden yellow, light yellow, kiwi green, and aqua.

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