Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Makati Park and Garden

I had difficulties dealing with the one handling the booking of Makati Park and Garden. On one instance, I called their office and confirmed that the venue is still available, I requested my mom to come and pay, however, when she was already in Makati City hall, he said that it wasn't available anymore. I was really frustrated that time as I was already picturing how it would looked like during the event. It is actually the perfect venue for my theme.

Anyway, kudos to my untrusting side, I called again after several days and guess what? The date and time is still free. See?! I am not gonna let it go this time. My mom went there and paid. I have my receipt!!! Yipeeee....

We went there for a few shots to get an idea on where to place what, fortunately, there was an event and parents were nice enough to allow us to take some photos.

Makati Park and Garden Entrance

Pavilion has a fountain inside, just perfect my theme, I may place the stage in front of it

It's just so hard to plan where stage would go, where buffet table will be set as the place is, say so unpredictable?

This may be the place for the buffet table then

Maybe this would be the perfect spot for the treats

Definitely the tables and chairs

Ample parking space for the guests

That about it, I just need to visit again to make a more final lay out.

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