Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ging Lorenzo as Photographer

Though this would cut off a big portion from my budget, I am strong on getting Ging Lorenzo for Bella's 1st year birthday bash. I heard so much good things about her from N@W, my official preps search engine. More of a natural light photographer, she is well known especially for birthdays but she also does weddings.

Like the way I pushed through with our caterer, K Cunanan during our wedding. That is how keen I am on having her for another big event.

I am guilty as charge on considering other photographers. Ces Kasilig, another good one. I believe she worked several times with Ging on other events. However, she is due to give birth on June so no chance at all. She recommended her partner, William (If I remember it correctly) but he is only available in the morning of that day.

John Aguas is another one I considered. But after a lot of thinking and calculation, Ging is still on the top list. I am still thinking of getting John for the video though. If there would still be some leftovers from the budget.

So on 05 February, I deposited 25% DP to her account and closed as Bella's official photographer.

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