Sunday, May 9, 2010


The best thing to do on Mother's day is being a mother. Since Bella's birthday bash is mom and I decided to be the loving lola and mother to our bubbly bells and the decided to spend it buying the stuff for the loot bag

Of course, how can a bubble bath be a delight without the rubber duckies and rubber froggie.

Bubbles that kids will surely enjoy...

Why not add sponge bob face towel for more fun and something to use for the wet ones

a loofa scrubby

and a little baggie

A perfect way, to end a perfect party


Kelly Chan said...

Great idea! Where did you buy those rubber duckies and little froggies? I can't seem to find them in the malls. thanks! :)

A-Life said...

Thanks, Kelly! I bought some rubber duckies in Tickles store in Market! Market! But it is more expensive than buying them in Divisoria Mall. About 10-15 pesos difference.