Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creepy Crawler bite me

Today is such a long and tiring day for me. I slept late last night because I was caught up on searching for possible tips on how to budget. I really got inspired on a lot of things from a lot of people. But that is not what this is all about. As early as 3:00 AM this morning. My day began. I was bitten by a centipede on my neck! I dont know how in the hell it got there! Maybe our place is old that everything just crawl. I wasn't able to sleep after that. I immediately open the PC and google everything I could find on these creepy crawlers. I was so damn scared not for me but for my unborn child. I was so paranoid that something might happen to her because of that A-hole who just ranshacked my not-so-peaceful sleep. After all these years of sleeping on the very same bed, why now? When I am protecting someone else. I was really pissed off! My mom immediately woke up when she heard me shout and we found the culprit. Unfortunately, all she could find was one pack of diaper to stop the damn thing...obviously, it ran away. But she didn't stop and search again. Well, he was just hiding somewhere on the mattress. This time...he was not that lucky...and you know what happens to a centipede when he messed up with a pregnant lady? Same thing happens to a toad when struck by lightning. Storm is that you? 

But that's not all. I was prepared already to go for my weekly check up. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and first IE (scary!). I had to pee...but our toilet was not available at the time due to some repairing. So I went to my brother's house to relieve myself. I was about to use their bidet for the first time. When it just snapped. The sprayer separated from the hose. I guess it was a cheap brand since it was the second time they replaced it. but unfortunately, I was the last one who laid a hand on it so I need to pay for that cheap damn thing. The only consolation that I have is... it is cheap. Hehehe!

We don't usually take taxi to go to hospital when i have an appointment. I prefer commuting on jeep, MRT, bus. It is not only cheaper but I use it as an exercise for my now huge feet (Ok, i exaggerated it a little). I was also worried that the driver might asks for additional money aside from the one on the meter. But luckily (thank God) he did not. And so everything went well. I saw may daughter from the monitor, with her hand hiding her face. I talked to her that I wanted to see her but maybe she wants to surprise everybody. And so we just let her do her thing.

My mom and I had our lunch at Pizza hut with their new dish...honey lamb chops something...it was delicious by the way...you should try it. We enjoyed the meal that we take all the time that we had. Unfortunately, this cause us to missed my OB for some emergency...just a split of a second.
I was so frustrated because we need to go back tomorrow. The travel time is difficult for me especially now that I am due any time soon. But anything for our Baby Bella. Hopefully...tomorrow will be a new day for me.

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