Saturday, June 25, 2011

McDonald's birthday venue

To wrap up my post for Bella's 2nd year birthday bash, we have chosen McDonald's as venue. The location was accessible to our guests as it is along the road, just beside Spinney's Bur Dubai. It could accommodate 50 guests and has a play area for kids. Their area was big and good for birthday parties.

Unlike in Manila, where you will pre-order your meal, in Dubai, your guests has the choice of getting the food they wanted during the party. However, there were no spaghetti, chicken, and others meal that you can choose from, only their burgers. (now I am missing Manila). So I told myself, Bella will not have a Mcdonald's party again in Dubai.

Before the party started, the host kept on insisting that we pre-order already because getting orders is time consuming and we only have like 2 hours for the party. What I asked them was, get the orders of the guests now and we will pre-order the others which were not present yet.

The games were for adults because we only have less than 10 kids. But our guests enjoyed the party nevertheless. But still, there's no place for parties like home.

The last of my disappointments. I was not allowed to even decorate to spruce up the place. Far-ouT and I was preparing my theme for weeks and it just ended up in the trash can. I understand that it was a Mcdonald's party but can you at least allow me to just put one pinwheel? No.

Again, I told myself, Bella will not have a Mcdonald's party in Dubai.

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