Friday, September 9, 2011

Your next step to moving: Survey

I have introduced to you the first step on your moving requirements and how to choose the right company for bringing your personal effects and household goods, so what's next? Let's take you on to the next level. The survey schedule. When a moving company takes your call, they would ask a few questions so be sure you have all the details that you would need to save you time and the one who is getting your details. Be sure to give your correct address and contact details so surveyor won't have a hard time looking for your place. A map or landmarks would be helpful.

Have you already scheduled at least 3 companies to visit your place and do an estimation? How did you do it? Schedule them all at the same time to save you your precious time and energy? Not a good idea. The best thing to do is schedule them on different time slots. Each consultant would wish to have a few minutes of your time to discuss their services and of course, offer you their best services. They would bring to you a packets as a guide on your upcoming relocation and discuss further. Be sure to read them all. It would be a great help to check all details, especially Customs Information, prohibited items and if your presence would be required during inspection.

Survey normally would take between 30 - 1 hour depending on the size of your house. Keep in mind of several details that they would normally check, are you a returning citizen? If not, is your visa ready? Are you travelling with your family and so on.

Your consultant will also request you to show them around. They would inspect every contents of your cupboards, drawers, cabinet, all your rooms and storage area. Show them all the items that you plan to bring. Also, be sure to advise your consultant if you are still planning to buy more stuff to add on to you volume of items. It would not be a good idea to hide anything from the surveyor, otherwise, it would give you more hassle if they underestimate your belongings. At the end of the day, you  may still end up paying more.

Do you already know your destination address? Any access issue? Are you planning to take your pet? car? When is your flight to your destination? Discuss all details with your surveyor. Take note of all the details that you would need to know prior to their visits so you won't need to keep calling the moving company and ask questions. Remember that you are not the only person moving and your consultant has already alloted a time for you, use it wisely. He or she may not always be available to take your call on another day as they also have other clients to attend to. Be considerate. Should it really be important details, you may always call the office and check. They would be happy to assist you.

All the best.

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