Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aprons and Hammers for Dinner

Isn't it interesting to eat Aprons and Hammers for Dinner? Don't take it literally, its just the name of the seafood restaurant we went to and ate dinner. The place is one of far-ouT's many clients. They are located inside Dubai International Marina Club, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. Dubai's one and only Crab Shack. Most of the servers were Filipino, which is always a good thing.

The table welcome us with the hammers and crab crackers. Though we weren't able to use them, it was such a delight just to look at them.

What's even more interesting is the use of Aprons instead of the usual table napkins. So that's basically where they got their name, I think.

For starters, their complimentary breads were fresh from the oven

Often its the first source of sustenance for a starving diners like us, but did you know that its a common mistake that bread were eaten before the first course arrives at the table? Geez, I didn't know that.

Right after we have ransacked every last piece of it, our server brought our drinks.

My mom ordered the Strawberry Daiquiri (virgin) glass is Dhs 15. This is quite delicious. My mame loved it. It has a similarity with 7-11's Slurpee.

Far-out has chosen Margarita also at Dhs 15. Its like the real Margarita but its non alcoholic. It was nice, but a little sour though.

Yours truly ordered my usual, mint lemonade. Dhs 12. Thirst quencher, indeed

We had our Calamari (Dhs 35) which is crunchie on the outside and tender on the inside.

This is Blue Crab Salad (Dhs 35), I love the crab meats on it, tossed with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet white onion, and their homemade blue sauce.

We were so full when the above was almost done but not quite though as we were waiting for our main course. The Aprons and Hammers Paella (Dhs 160). Spicy paella rice made with squid, mussels, shrimps and fish topped with lemon.

Its also an A-first as the ambiance was inside this dhow.

With a nice view from the inside

Definitely, one of the places that you should try for yourself. See you Dhow-n by the pier!

All the best.

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