Monday, September 3, 2012

Buffet is Love from Dinner to Breakfast

I always love buffet breakfast from hotels. Well, I love eating in general, even complimentary food in airlines from our flight. This is what I am always looking forward to do

As promised, here are the additional treat we got from our recent A-Travel

We only have a complimentary buffet breakfast, usually, we go out for lunch or dinner but because our hotel was so far from civilization, we chose the buffet diner at Tides-DN-Food, were we get a 20% discount from our total bill.

The table set-up was nothing fancy

The orchid was a nice touch though, I just don't think if its advisable to put a flower on a table.

Below is the overall look of the restaurant

Simple but elegant ceiling

This is the fresh fruits section

Salad and Japanese area

I was never a fan of Japanese foods really, but Far-ouT recently introduced me to Sashimi and Calirfornia Maki and they became my instant favorite. So now, everytime I went for buffet, I always look for Japanese cuisine.  

Moving forward, I always get a little bit of everything on the buffet, just so to taste the flavors of the food. I made sure I finish all of it.

So a little bit of all of these and many more

Desserts is Love

Looking forward to Breakfast

Breads, breads breads! Did I mentioned Breads?


This I cannot do without. Coffee.

Hmmm. What a lovely breakfast to start the day. Guess where my next stop is?

All the best,

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