Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Conquered Abu Dhabi: Danat Jebel Dhanna Resort

In addition to my long A-List, I now can say that I conquered the place. I know Abu Dhabi was far, but I never knew it was that far from Abu Dhabi. It was a long four hour drive. We planned to leave in the morning but for some work related issue, we were delayed to afternoon. We left the house at about 3ish and we arrive at around 7:00 PM already.
No gasoline station, no houses in sight, not even a single building, It was really a road to nowhere. I suggest you travel in the morning as it would be difficult to find the location at night. We were actually looking for road lights but that is also lacking on this part of Abu Dhabi

The sun is almost down, we were already hurrying up to reach the place but still nothing from where this photo was taken.

Nevertheless, the long drive was worth the wait when we finally arrived at our destination. Elegant hotel structure welcome us. I can say that it is indeed a 5 star hotel service. The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

I realized that we wasted a 5 hours time from check-in when we entered our nice cozy room. if we drive earlier, we would have enjoyed and relax longer. Nevertheless, we used every minute of our stay. I've learned my lesson from our previous weekend getaway when we were given a 2 single beds so this time around, I have requested for 1 king-size bed for 2 adult and 1 child. Emma, the one at the reception advised us that they even managed to upgrade our room. I was not disappointed,

As this a sight to behold from where we are located

The bathroom was far smaller than the one in Ras Al Khaimah but I think, I like this even more.


They have souvenir shop - although, I wasn't able to get even one item for myself (pathetic me),


Relaxing seats

Believe it or not, this is just their entrance to the pool and gym area.

The gym is well equipped.


At the corner of that area is place for kids, I was impressed with all the toys inside, this may not be as important as what other hotels may think, but small as is it is, the area was not compromised

Before you dive into the water, why not play a game of giant chess?

My mini ME was asking nonstop when we were on the road, if we are going for a swim and if we are already near, and I told her, yes, we are already near - like every hour for the past 3 hours.

The back of hotel duting night time
and day time, front view of the hotel
I get to see the other amenities of the hotel the following day and was really awed with everything the hotel has to offer
Additional playground for the kids
And pool side area
Hammock anyone?

Up close and personal with the beach
T'was the best hotel experience so far in my A-Dubai Living.
To be continued on my next post...A Gastronomic Binge.
All the best,

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