Friday, January 11, 2013

Applebee's Galore

Further to my previous post, I am back with my follow-up entry about Al Ain. I want to share with you where we took our dinner after we went down from the top of Jebel Hafeet. I actually just saw the sign when we were still on the road and it was one of the common sight in Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) that I get to see but never had the opportunity to visit and try.
So we had an impromptu dinner in Applebee's.

The name doesn't really sounds like a restaurant, right? The servers were very accommodating. I don't know if its just me, but I feel that the people here were all nice and we really get to meet a lot of friendly people in Al Ain - most of them were Filipinos of course, but there were still some other nationalities. My mini-ME may won an award for being Miss Congeniality for being so friendly and adorable. She get to talk to different people in all places that we've been. She calls every one of them her friend. So it is essential for the sometimes anti-social me to smile every once in a while when people treat her so kindly.

Anyways, the first area that caught my attention while waiting for our foods are the design on the walls. The lightings added a little drama to it.

and this old school lantern

I remember the movie "Tangled" when I saw this - arrgh! that film that we always watch at home
I also like the bar area
Oh, without further ado - I would like to introduce to you our latest food trip.
Brocolli Soup - They added cheese on top.

Far-ouT ordered for me, Strawberry Mojito (AED 23) - Fresh strawberries and mint with mojito flavored syrup, fresh squeeze lime juice, sugar and soda minus the alcohol

Unfortunately, Alcohol is prohibited in UAE. We don't have the luxury of drinking anywhere which is sometimes good but you may miss it from time to time though. There are only few places where they allowed alcohol drinking.

They've got big servings of food and we were almost full when we ordered the appetizer sampler (AED 61.00) - Mozzarella sticks, spinach and antichoke dip, cheese quesadilla grande (these contains beef bacon) and boneless wings.

This is Sizzling Asian Shrimp Stirfry (AED 65.00). Sizzling blackened shrimp top this skillet full of rice, broccoli, red pepper, sugar snap peas, water of chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots,  and bok choy. Drizzled with sweet, and spicy sauce, and topped with crispy wanton strips and cilantro.

Imagine my reaction when I saw my meal, this can be good for two. I was already full from the appetizer so I wasn't able to finish it. We brought it at home to finish - the wanton was not crispy anymore but I still finished all of it.

 Far-ouT had their Southwest Chicken Pita (AED 39.00). Its grilled marinated chicken breast stuffed and rolled in a pita with chipotle mayo, lettuce, bacon slices, and topped with Pico de gallo. Served with a refreshing avocado ranch on the side.

He also wished he didn't ordered anymore, he only finished the fries and took home the pita.
The leftovers were a treat at home. Before wrapping up our meal, we saw a bunch of entertainers roaming around the mall with music that my mini-ME enjoyed watching
Haha! Was not fast enough to capture the front and ended up with their backs already.
We still have a pending Al Ain Zoo to visit. Until next time
All the best,

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