Thursday, January 3, 2013

I got the A!

3rd January 2013. Today marked the middle day from the New Year and my 33rd birthday on the 6th of January. What a great day to start with my blog entry for 2013. Its wasn't intentional, really, I am just on the bed whilst my mini-ME is having her nap time. I was trying to upload load the photos from our camera to share with you the events from the last few days of 2012 but it somehow manage not to support the file formal - whatever that is. I will never be a techie person.
I got an A! Yey! Far-ouT let me choose between an Iphone and an LV bag. Obviously, I chose the former. LV can wait for another year. Actually, I am not a fan of Iphone per se but I really like to have an Instagram account. Really, really want. So my Far-ouT got the Apple for me for Christmas! Well, not just for Christmas but a gift for my birthday as well. So the first thing I did with the I-5? my very own
What did I do to deserve you? Hehehe! But anyways, I don't want to put too much drama for having this phone. I got a few apps already for photos editing that I really like a lot. I am still trying to learn it though until I got the hang of it.
Instagram has photo editor but I have the Splash FX which I don't use much often - it doesn't give much so I think I would have to delete this one in the future. There is PE-Fotolr, I like this one because you get to photo edit your face, put or delete some colors, if you want to change hairstyle, you can use this one too. But the one I like best is the Snapseed, there's a lot of things you can do to make a better photo, so this one I use all the time like for 3 days now since I got to use the phone?
But the battery of Iphone has a horrible life span. For the first few days that I am using it, its like battery empty all the time and I am concerned what would be the effect of this on the phone so I search a few tips to make the battery lasts longer. My friend also, who had been using 4S, shared a thing or two about how to use the Iphone. I don't want to elaborate, I know you have learned the tips and tricks way earlier than me.
My dilemma now is having 2 phones, a blackberry and an Iphone. Crazy, right? For me, it is. I don't want to get rid of BB because of the messenger and Dubai is a BBM world. I will be having some financial issues having to load both phones. Oh dear. You can never be contented with what you have.

I have a lot really, some are doable, some are ridiculously expensive, you want to view them to get ideas? Just click Top A-List

So now since I have the Instagram - I get to strikethrough one from my list.


On another thought, guess I won't be travelling on my birthday - I actually shortened my vacation leave now from 8 workings days to 5. I was hoping I will get to travel on my natal day but I don't think that would happen now since I am 3 days away from it and I'm broke. This, being vain, is sucking the blood out of me. I am using my resources to have some Spectra sessions on my face and believe me, its expensive but I get to see some nice results so I just tell myself every time I splurge, I deserve this. Although, I feel guilty all the time.
Anyway, what do you want for yourself on your birthday? And do you usually get what you wish for? I want to learn a new skill. The one I have been liking to do for a very long time now. Drive. Yes, literally. Drive a car. Far-ouT scares me to death when he is on the wheel. I know I should trust his skills but I just couldn't. Sorry. Maybe because, I don't understand the road. It just frustrates me that I am turning 33 in a few days and I still do not know how to drive. I am even having second thought just by starting an engine. Yes, I get to start a car less than 5 times in my entire life. Boring, right.
I really am determined to enroll in driving lessons this month. Hopefully, I could start soon before summer. Hopefully, one of my entries would be "follow your dream."
What about you, what new skill do you want for 2013?
All the best,

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