Monday, September 10, 2007

Church hunting

It’s my first time to write my thoughts in a blog where many people can actually read my mind. I wasn’t even considering this stuff till now. This is just one of the things that popped out of my mind to do. This too, I’m writing might be with different topics, but I’ll try to have a focal point so I will not lose it again. I’ve been very busy lately, my mind works all the time…and I’ll go nuts if I won’t put my head into focus. I believe it’s not only me who’s experiencing this kind of euphoria. Ever since we started the preparation for our upcoming wedding…my thoughts were on a whirlwind…one idea after another. My Far-ouT is confused already with all the things I’ve been telling and asking him…What do you really want? Are you sure? This is final, if you won’t change your mind again, he says. But he’s been really supportive of all my ideas even if sometimes…I bother him all the time…hehehe! Even at work. And I really appreciate all his inputs. He knows that this is really important to me. I believe he also feels the same with all the efforts.

We are already in the middle part of our planning. At last! We already found our church, which took months before we finally reserve one. This one was full of frustrations and disappointments…Our wedding falls on a Sunday, which of course, was the main problem…since most of the churches, were not holding Sunday weddings. My friends suggested Nuestra Señora de Gracia. I was happy with this one already and so I thought. My mind was already settled when I just thought of asking my mom to check the church and see for herself. Then she was informed that it will be the feast day of their patron and so no wedding will be allowed. My throat literally runs dry of saliva…as if I just swallowed handful of Dubai sand after learning this. And I was really irritated…But I kept my cool and start all over again…

This time, I search the net for all the possibility of finding the right church…I asked my sisies from weddings@work and I gather all the details that I could get. And then I ask a favor again from one of my friends…of course they were more than willing to help me out…this time I told them to call first before going to save time, money, effort and energy…And they found two, one was not that recommended so we opted for Don Bosco church…which is fine with me already…well, that “fine” took four weeks before I learned that our date was already reserved for someone else.Gosh! They were already telling me to change our wedding date to Saturday! I insisted…because it will not be significant anymore. And well, Ian’s mom already consulted a fung shui that our wedding date was OK! So, this time our moms were the ones hunting for the church…

There were other churches that we considered, which I decided not to mentioned anymore…since it will take more space…To make the story short, Camille of F@b who is now our coordinator, was the one who suggested Sanctuario de San Jose in greenhills…I saw some of the photos of the church and I immediately texted my mom to visit and reserve the church. With no hassle at all, I felt it will be the perfect place for our ceremony.

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