Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Outdoor Theme

One of the hardest details to finalize is our wedding color scheme and theme which up until now is not made up yet. As I’ve mentioned on my previous blog, I’ve got tons of ideas working on my minds which has its advantages and disadvantages. Now, this will be more complicated because I myself don’t have an idea on how I will explain what I really want. The idea was to show bits and pieces of who we really are and what are the things we have in common…Both of us love sports, we love to travel…we love the mountains, the beaches, the adventures, new places, new faces. I thought of a beach theme…but it’s too informal for a wedding and reality check…there’s no beach on sight…what about Hollywood? Too costly…and not our thing…We’re into a more comfortable get-up and laid back nature. So what now?

After long hours of surfing the net, I was able to check showing some wedding themes like autumn, fall, orientalasian, etc.

What I liked most was the outdoor theme.

Celebrate your love of the beautiful and refreshing outdoors. Gardens, parks, the mountains, or the lake can be great backdrops for an outdoor themed wedding. Perfect! We just have to be careful not to overdo it, since it is still a formal affair after all. I saw one of Kaye’s (K.Cunanan catering) weddings with beach themed and I was sure that I want the same setting. Oh, by the way, she’ll be doing our wedding so I asked her advice on this. She said the beach theme can be done with formal clothes if we will minimize it a bit or add a few accents that would compliment our color motif. Now this is another story, I’m also having a hard time finding the right color scheme to go with it…I’ll do another blog for this when all is done…I just need a color palette to finalize it.

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