Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sunken Mood

Not in my usual mood today…just one bad day I guess…Heard some news yesterday and today and I just can’t help but wonder what will happen after the marriage. All my previous worries just keep on playing on my thoughts…All my plans and what I wanted to do with my life play tricks on me…I shouldn’t think of these now…I know I should let the future worry about itself. It’s just the usual pessimistic me. But can’t help but let it out. A lot of couples are disregarding this incompatibility for each other especially those who already spend money to reserve their suppose-to-be suppliers for the wedding. Others may think that your hard earned money will be put into waste if you just forget about the whole idea of marriage and shoo away those itsy bitsy teeny winy doubts. Even if the “Miserable life” sign is already breathing down your neck and you found out that you two were better of to be in a relationship but taking it to the next level is something that the high heavens above forbid, so you still push through with it without considering the aftermath of the whole event. It will help you both if you take sometime off, reflect and ponder about the pros and cons of a lifetime commitment. As what the saying goes, it’s not something that you can just throw away, besides it’s more expensive to have it annulled. Think a hundred times before finally deciding. It will save you both from misery than spending the rest of your lives regretting. But be careful though, you might also be blinded with anger and frustrations.

Maybe this feeling that you go through is just normal. Early wedding jitters according to my sisies at weddings@work. Money matters and different opinions clashed and so you may mistakenly think that this is one of signs that you and your husband-to-be are not well-matched. It wouldn’t hurt to be cautious on those warning signals. Though do not confuse this with the feeling caused by the pressures of the wedding preparations and the thought of spending the rest of you life with someone. Make sure that the whole preparation are shared by both parties, it is the start of working together as a couple and in the process get to know more about your partner. Isn’t wonderful that before the Big Day, you actually spent sometimes planning the start of your life together? Enjoy every minute of counting the days you will surely miss it.

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