Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today is our Bella's 14th day. I am still a busy mom taking care of our precious little girl. She wakes up every 2-3 hours for her feeding and then sleep most of the time. But come evening, she sometimes cries a lot and i can't help myself and give her milk which ruins her feeding time and vomit some milk. This pratice also prevents me from going out as I don't want her to rely on bottles that may stop her from breastfeeding (Selfish me). As much as possible, we'll try to breastfeed her for as long as my milk will allow. There was this one time, that I went out to see the church we were considering for the christening, i got so paranoid thinking that she's crying and looking for me. . Luckily, she slept well that night and woke up only when were already on the way back. But I was still guilty for leaving her, I fed her more that what was allowed that made her vomit.

15th June 2009. Baby Bella's first trip outside. Her first taxi ride. Her first check up. First nailcut, which were done by Nanay's OB - Dra. Cayetano and her Pedia, Dra. Larraga. Talked about professional nailcutters. It was also her first visit to delifrance, while tatay and nanay were having mirienda. After her trip to St. Luke's, she also went to tatay's house to visit her Lolo, Lola and Titos. Around 9PM, Bella call it a day and went home to Nanay's house.

16th June 2009. As I was saying, it was hard to leave Bella at home since she still depend on breastfeeding. But we need also to organize her upcoming baptism. With the help of her Ninang Pia, Bella had her first lakwatsa on a rainy day. First, she went to church, Christ the King, where her baptism was going to be held on 28th June. Visited the house of Ninang Macel to get some stuff and ate lunch, then she also went to Iko's bakeshop, where we bought a sample of her cupcake , eats some bread and drink coffee. And Tatay was really galante that day, so he treated us to Pansiteria San Jacinto. Talked about Food trips!

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