Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breastfeeding Nanay wishlist

We always wanted what’s best for our babies. Through extensive research, I was able to gather a lot of information on Breastmilk. I actually never thought of this while pregnant but chancing upon the benefits of breastfeeding I became an advocate. But to be able to reach my goal in providing may gorgeous little girl all the benefits that she needs, I must have these items, especially now that I will get back to work anytime soon. Though expensive, I am sure the payback will be big time!

This Avent BPA on-the-go breastpump (P4350) and will be convenient for me once I get back to work. I already have a manual breastpump at home that I brought from Megamall with eyes closed. Aside from the fact that it is not BPA free, it was more expensive than online buying. If I did have a choice, I shouldn’t have brought it, but cash is not available at the moment so I need to use my credit card. Once I get back to work, I will buy a new one which is BPA free.

I have already have few pegion bottles at home, unfortunately those were the standard-size bottles and my Avent breastpump only fits wide mouth bottles so it is really a hassle for me to transfer milk every time I pump. So this BPA free bottles (P2500) are must have for me and my baby. The set has 2-4 oz bottles, 2-9 oz bottles 1 bottle brush and 1 milk formula dispenser

I also plan to buy extra avent BPA free storage bottles (P1500)

And these sealing dics (P undisclosed).

My few MEGS friends and I went for coffee to update each other. I just learned how little I produce breastmilk. My other friend were able to pump 12 bottles a day in one session when she was still nursing her first baby. That made me sad. I thought I was already producing enough. Now, I am determined to use every means possible to increase my supply. Though, i still want to have this lansinoh storage bags (P380) for future use.

Prices may vary and availability should be check from time to time. All the above items are available from a multiply seller (

This victoria fridge-to-go can fit an air tight lock and lock container with my breastpump inside with 6 bottles for my expressed milk. This is suitable for an 8-hour job with no available refrigerator and can last up to nine hours sorround cooling. For a hassle free shopping, you may visit

Going to the mall is the thing of the pass. With the high technology, shopping is just one click away. Selling and buying online are “IN” thing. Though, one must be carefully in dealing with all these online sellers.

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