Friday, August 7, 2009

Breastfeeding Station

I just cannot think of a title for this blag! This is again a non-related topic but i cannot help my self but vent this out.

There are some people who are insensitive and inconsiderate. As Pia and I went for a walk in the mall, we encountered not one but two of them. And they are a couple mind you. The woman is a mother. Who’s suppose to understand the need of a fellow mom. The guy of course was a father who should be ashamed of himself.

As a breastpumping mom, I always bring my avent manual breastpump everytime I went out just to be sure that I will still be able to express milk every 3 hours to maintain my supply. Though sometimes this is a hassle for me, when I think of how my bella will benefit from it…all the more I am excited. Especially when I see how many ounces I produce.

Anyway, doing my usual thing, this day is a more exciting one because instead of using the comfort room, this will be my first time to use the breastfeeding station of SM Megamall located at the Ground Floor near Food court, just behind Greenwich area.

Pia and I went inside surprised to find a few people. One, was a lady breastfeeding her child. Then from the look of it, a family. A dad, a mom, her child and a yaya. This irritates me in an instant. I thought this place is exclusively for breastfeeding mothers?!! Why on earth will a man be inside this area?! And you know what he was doing? He was actually using his laptop.

Poor mother who was feeding her child. I know the feeling. It is really awkward doing this in public much more with a man present. We stand there for a while hoping the guy will excuse himself but he never bother. The wife was even more annoying because she was not doing anything at all! Why would she allow her husband to be inside? So thoughtless people! Finally, after several minutes, I decided to pump in one of the CR. The management should put a sign outside the door “exclusively for breastfeeding moms!” I don’t blame them for this incident, I’m sure, they didn’t think some people will have the nerve to stay in this area where they have no business whatsoever.

Hope the next time I went there, I will not come across people like these again.

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