Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lay-Bare Day

I was intrigue for the longest time since I heard of cold sugar waxing. Finally, after looking for the nearest and most convenient location for me, I have experienced how it feels like. Lay bare is on 3/F Market! Market!, Global City, Taguig. T'was the messiest and yet the cleanest work I have ever experience when it comes to waxing. At Lay-Bare they only use cold wax jelly made of sugar, calamansi and honey placed in small plastic cups. It was not really cold but its definitely not hot. I had my underarm waxed for Php 150 and the half leg waxing is Php 300. The wax will be stick directly to your skin and remove the hairs, unlike the hot ones where it will be spread on your legs and then stripped with a piece of white cloth. I can vouch that its really not that hurting. The technician who attended to me made sure that everything was taken out as she patiently even thread the smallest hairs. And speaking of which, I would definitely come back for upper lip threading.

However, here's what I think: One, they need to put cornstarch to your skin, so the wax will stick to your skin, which is so messy! and two, the whole process took about more than 1 hour. So it not recommended to those in a hurry. Good thing though is, I was comfortable since they have private waxing cubicle with real beds and my little darling was allowed to come inside where she took the liberty to breastfeed. The staff was so friendly and accommodating as well.

I would still prefer hot wax over the cold one, I like the hot thingy when spread to skin. but when it comes to the staff accommodation and convenience, I'd choose Lay-Bare.

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