Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Recap of 2009

Its been awhile, I know, since my last piece. 2009 was quite an amazing year for me. The highlight would be the new kid on the block. The birth of our Ma. Isabella Jian, quite a long name, huh. She's 2 days away from her 7 month birthday. Big girl na . The next thing I know, she'll entertain suitors na. I'm not ready yet for that. Back to reality. Anyway, I was also back in the Philippines after 3 years of being away from home. I also have a job at the moment. I am still enjoying it so no hurry, beside, I am able to watch bella's growing up years. Far-ouT was left behind abroad, though.

Let's see...I don't smoke anymore. Alcohol-free system. I'm so damn thin. I sleep late. I became a breastmilk advocate (which I didn't planned, however, breastmilk just came overflowing!). I drink a lot of water (I swear, to the verge of drowning *exagge!). But I am holding my pee most of the time (because I do it a lot!) I sometimes fight with the oldies at home (mom and my ninang), well not naman fight as in "fight," I reasoned out (better) when it comes to taking care of bells. They have their old ways, I have google. I still dont know how to drive, Far-ouT is already a UAE driving license holder (proud of you!). I'm quite addicted to massage. I spend on mani-pedi na. What else?! Can't think of any right now so I'm holding this off for now.

For 2010. Still no smoke and beers. More on the healthy living side. I started swimming again. I will still express my milk for bella. Spend more time with her. Little time on facebook (no more games). I will sleep early. More water. No holding off of Pee. I will still fight with the oldies because my search engine is still working. No more mani-pedi (i'll buy na lang stuff and DIY). I will still be addicted to massage. I want to learn how to drive.

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