Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Costa Coffee Experience

I've always been a loyal Starbucks coffee drinker. I never really appreciated other coffee shop until recently, when circumtances prevents me from drinking my favorite "1 tall mocha frappe decap with coffee jelly." For one, coffee jelly is not available in the UAE. I don't know how that happened. There should be uniformity in all there stores, right? Two, it did not measure up to my mocha frappuccino taste standard. And last but definitely not the least, THEY DO NOT HAVE DECAF FOR FRAPPUCCINO HERE! I love coffee in the morning but caffeine late at night will keep me wide awake in the evening. This is the sad part of it all. So I search for alternative.

A colleague of mine and yours truly went walking one evening to just chat away, but since we have office the following day, I told her I definitely need a decaf. We asked nearby Starbucks but sad to say, no decaf. Tried coffee bean and tea leaf, the same thing. Then the last coffee shop that we came across has finally gave some hope to my growing frustrations.

Costa Mocha Frappe came to the rescue. I still "heart" my Mocha Frappe Decaf from starbucks but since Costa can customize coffee for no extra charge, guess I will have to live with it until I come home again.

I am still getting use to its taste but Costa is not so bad after all. Frescato is there version of Frappuccino of Starbucks.  The place has the same homey atmosphere as well.

with a touch of Christmas spirit. It also nice to have tables outside for some relaxing talk and a place for the smokers.

Costa coffee has a lot of menu to choose from

I forgot to mention, I never drink coffee on an empty stomach as it produces an even greater increase in stomach acid that can cause stomach pain almost immediately. So I am always careful even if I am a coffee lover. So we ordered their Turkey Ham and Three Cheese Melt Panini.

On another Costa coffee experience, we recently went to the airport to accompany our flatmate who is going home for a vacation. Its surprising that with so many Starbucks stores around town, they do not have it in the airport. I also notice that in our airport in the Philippine. That's sad.

Anwyay, with Costa being flexible and accessible, Costa coffee is love.

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